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Winter 2010
Matching your Puppies with th e Best Prospectivee Homes
Matching Your Puppies with the Best Prospective Homes
By Arliss Paddock
Part Three: A Breeder's Forum Matching puppies with the right homes is one of the most challenging aspects of being a breeder. To conclude our three-part series on this topic, for this issue we invited six experienced breeders to offer their advice and comments. We thank them for sharing with our readers the knowledgeable insights that follow. Read more.
Sandra Lee Bell and SanJo Cockers
The Long and Winding Road
Sandra Lee Bell recalls the ups and downs on the path to glory.  Looking back to reflect forces you to step out of your life for a moment so you can describe what you saw and felt, and what you feel now. When you are in the middle of a rush, that flow is tough to stop and describe right then. You are too busy.

It is easier to feel good about your work when everything seems to go your way. When the wins add up, and the next generation of puppies are looking even nicer than their top-winning parents. Dog people recognize that feeling of satisfaction. We use creative problem solving when "flow" isn't there. When it moves just outside your line of vision, like when you try to look directly at a distant star and can't see it, look out of the corner of your eye and there it is. Read more.

The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Breeder's Handbook: Feeding Between Breedings: Rebuilding the Dam's Essential Body Reserves Most owners recognize the need for optimal nutrition for the female during pregnancy and lactation. However, little notice is taken of the period between the completed weaning of one litter and the first signs of the next estrous cycle.

During this interval, it is imperative for dogs that will be rebred at the next estrous cycle to receive the appropriate food, both in energy density and nutrient quality. Lower quality food can lead to breeding issues such as failure to settle, smaller litters, and higher incidences of pregnancy toxemia and eclampsia. Read more.

Beverly Verna
The Joy of Leftovers
Regency's Beverly Verna speaks for the silent majority: the "other 70 percent" of dogs you breed. As a breeder-owner-handler of Miniature Schnauzers for the last 37 years, I have been blessed to have been able to produce a dog with a very specific look that speaks to most as “Regency.” These dogs have done well. Some have been number-one in my breed, and one is the top winner in Miniature Schnauzer history. Of those dogs, I am proud and feel I am accomplishing what we all set out to do. But I wish to speak now of those other dogs—the “leftovers.” Read more.
AKC Registrations
AKC Registrations
Help Your Puppies and Their New Families Get a Great Start. It goes without saying: Breeders love their puppies and want them to get the best start they can. AKC offers a wide array of services that help breeders not only find the right families for their puppies, but also ensure that their puppies will enjoy a life full of good health, safety, and happiness with their new families. Read more.
Breeders' Symposia
Breeders’ Symposia:
AKC and CHF present a College of Canine Knowledge

“There is no element of our sport more important than the breeder,” says Walter F. Goodman, member of the AKC board of directors and recipient of the 2011 American Kennel Club Lifetime Achievement Award (Conformation).

“The breeder is the foundation from which all other aspects of purebred dogs emanate. In the USA, the successful breeder proceeds with informally acquired skills and knowledge. Today there is an increasing need to provide breeders with a reliable source for technical and practical information. The American Kennel Club, the AKC Canine Health Foundation, the AKC parent clubs, and all event-giving clubs are in a unique position to fill that role.” Read more.

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In October, The American Kennel Club hosted 39,000 people over two days at Meet the Breeds in New York City. The largest showcase of dogs and cats in the world, MTB featured nearly 200 dog clubs and over 100 vendors, as well as numerous sponsors. The event was indeed a huge success.

And at another popular event, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Long Beach, The American Kennel Club's 2010 Breeder of the Year title was awarded to Dionne ("Debbie") Butt, of Sporting Fields Whippets fame. Breeder of the Year photos will appear in our Spring issue.

Our feature article is part of the series on "Matching Your Puppies With the Best Prospective Homes." Part Three is a forum of top breeders on how they select new homes for their puppies. Our "Advice from the Breeder" article is "The Long and Winding Road," by Sandra Bell (San Jo Cocker Spaniels), 2004 AKC Breeder of the Year Sporting Group recipient. The author recalls her ups and downs on the way to becoming a top breeder.

A second "Advice from the Breeder" column, by Beverly Verna (Regency Miniature Schnauzers), is "The Joy of Leftovers." Beverly is The American Kennel Club's 2006 Terrier Group Breeder of the Year, and her article is on the importance of finding the right homes for pet puppies and older dogs.

From "Inside the AKC," we have an article on AKC Registration. This article covers some of the wide array of AKC services that help breeders not only find the right families for their puppies, but also ensure that their puppies will enjoy a life full of good health, safety, and happiness with their new families. Our second "Inside AKC" article is on the highly successful AKC/CHF Breeder's Symposia.

I hope that you will enjoy these articles and I invite your comments.

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