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Summer 2010
AKC Companion Animal Recovery
CAR Has 400,000 Good Reasons to Do the Right Thing

AKC Companion Animal RecoveryID works! There are several instances where your dog or a puppy you’ve sold may turn up missing. From devastating weather to a gate that was inadvertently left open, pets may somehow become disconnected from you.

AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR), founded in 1995, is the nation’s largest nonprofit pet ID and recovery service, serving pet owners, clubs, vets, shelters, and of course, our AKC breeders. Since CAR’s inception, almost 400,000 lost pets have been reunited with their owners through their microchips, tattoos, or CAR collar tags. Our pets are family members indeed, and with 125 years of AKC history supporting us, we understand the unique love and dedication breeders have for the dogs they produce.

To protect your dogs and the puppies going to new homes, AKC CAR provides

  • A simple, one-time enrollment process
  • AKC collar tag included with enrollment
  • 24/7/365 dedicated Recovery Coordinators
  • Unlimited free updates, including phone number and address changes.

CAR also provides many services for breeders:

Discounts. Microchipping is a way to differentiate the caliber of your breeding operation. It shows prospective pet owners that you are concerned for the pet’s safety, should it ever go missing. Let your clients know about your microchipping practices. Not only will they appreciate the extra service and care, but it also offers them peace of mind surrounding the pet’s added safety.

AKC breeders are entitled to special microchipping discounts. You can get microchips for $7 per chip (in boxes of 20 or 25) by using the coupon code PUPPYCHIP at check out. You can also get the ProScan 700 microchip reader at a discount. Microchips or the reader can be ordered through our online store or by calling 800-252-7894.

When new puppy buyers enroll their dog’s microchip in the AKC Lost and Found program when they register their pet with AKC, they get savings at up to 25 percent off the standard enrollment price.

Recordkeeping and Identification of Dogs. As a responsible breeder, you understand it is critical that you can identify each of your dogs and know their parentage. Microchips provide proof-positive permanent identification that not only meets the requirement of identifying your dogs, but also provides puppy buyers additional peace of mind knowing that their pet can be identified if lost.

Microchipping Clinics. Clinics are a great fund-raiser, open-house event, or public-service offering. Join up to assist a local dog club sponsoring a microchip clinic or host a mini-clinic for your puppy buyers.

With the AKC CAR ID System, hosting a microchip clinic is both easy and beneficial. To get more information on organizing a microchipping clinic, call 800-252-7894 or e-mail chipclinic@akccar.org with your phone number and the date(s) of your clinic. A CAR representative will contact you to help get you started. A variety of resource materials are also available at akccar.org to assist you with planning and promoting your clinic in your community and with the local media.

PINcentive Enrollment Program. When registered in the PINcentive program, you can enroll other manufacturers’ microchips in the CAR recovery service and earn rebates and points toward free CAR products.

CAR also supports:
Pet Poison Helpline. With this optional add-on to the CAR Recovery Service enrollment, you can get immediate treatment advice from animal experts around the clock. If your pet accidentally swallows something poisonous, you need help—fast. And that’s just what you’ll get with Pet Poison Helpline.

SpotLight GPS Pet Locator. SpotLight provides you with the next generation of pet-locating technology coupled with CAR’s nationwide pet-recovery service. With SpotLight, you have hands-on tracking of your pet. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator will allow you to pinpoint through Google Maps where your pet is at any time. Plus, it will send you text and e-mail alerts should your pet wander outside of its “SafeSpot” boundaries that you set for your pet’s safety.

Giving Back. As a nonprofit organization it is vital to give back to the pet community. All donations to the CAR Operating Fund will help further our efforts to support the companion animal community. This fund helps CAR in its efforts to provide low-cost and donated microchips, scanners, and enrollments, and free recovery-service enrollments to active military and service animals.

Veterinary Student Scholarships. Veterinarian support of microchipping pets plays an integral part in responsible pet ownership. This is why, since 2002, CAR has awarded a total $800,000 toward veterinary student scholarships to well-deserving veterinary school students.

More Information
For information about the AKC Companion Animal Recovery and the programs it supports, visit akccar.org. To enroll in real time with CAR’s online-enrollment system, visit akccar.org. Or, call 800-252-7894 to have an enrollment form mailed or faxed to you

AKC CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund
Throughout history, dogs and humans coexisted as teams to find food, work with livestock, and serve our country. Arguably a canine’s most noble vocation, search-and-rescue dogs acted on behalf of lost or injured humans as early as 1750. The canine search-and-rescue teams of today put the canine-human bond into practice by tracking and finding victims of crime, terrorism, avalanches, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

The charitable foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery Canine Support & Relief Fund, provides resources, support, funds, and other assistance to not-for-profit organizations such as canine search and rescue, veterinary units that support the canine rescue teams, and animal shelters that provide care for domestic animals orphaned or displaced as a result of natural or civil disasters.

For more information on the CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund, visit akccar.org.

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