Winter 2010

New Breeder Offers from AKC CAR

Many AKC breeders already encourage puppy buyers to have their new family member microchipped in case of loss or theft. To date, AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) has enrolled more than 4 million animals and helped reunite more than 370,000 lost pets with their owners.

We’ve recently introduced two exciting additions to our pet recovery service that will allow breeders to offer even more options to their puppy buyers, meaning more animals being safely returned home.

  • Breeders will now be able to save 30% off 20- and 25-count boxes of microchips (resulting in the low cost of $7 per microchip) by simply calling AKC CAR at 800-252-7894 with their litter registration number.

  • We also now offer the ISO microchip, which is the accepted microchip for pets traveling to and from the European Union and Canada. This chip is especially important for breeders and puppy owners in Canada, near the border, or those who travel throughout North America and Europe with their pets.

So, be sure to let your puppy buyers know about your microchipping practices! They will appreciate the extra service and peace of mind that a microchip provides for their pet’s safety. Plus when they enroll their new dog's microchip in the AKC Lost and Found program when they register their pet with AKC, they get savings at up to 25% off the standard enrollment price

AKC CAR Pet Recovery Service benefits for owners include:

  • Pet Recovery Specialists on duty 24/7 for 365 days

  • Lifetime protection with no annual fees

  • No hidden charges to update pet owner contact information

  • AKC CAR collar tag for visual pet identification

  • Text messaging to alert owners when pets are found

  • Participation in AAHA’s tool

For more information on AKC CAR’s microchip programs and lifetime recovery service call 800-252-7894 or go to


Ronald N. Rella, Director, Breeder Services
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