Spring 2010
Whelping Preparedness: What to Expect, What to Do, and When to Call the Vet
By Arliss Paddock
Part Three: Countdown to the Big Day The sight of beautiful, healthy newborn pups nestled against their contented dam is at the heart of every dedicated breeder’s hopes and dreams. Doing what we can to ensure a safe, successful whelping that goes as smoothly as possible entails much education beforehand. In this series of articles we have aimed to provide an introduction to the learning process that will surely continue for the breeder – with every litter, with ongoing study, and with the guidance of experienced breeder-mentors. Read more.
What Are Friends For? By David Fitzpatrick
Mentoring is as satisfying to give as it is to receive.  A friend called the other day to report that his new puppy had won a major, a first major win for his owner too. I was very pleased for him as I remembered his start in the breed a few years ago. He did not start at the top, his stock needed much improvement to get to the point where the results could compete for a major win. Read more.
Weekly Wins Gallery
Fanciers say new e-gallery is e-ffective, e-fficient, e-normous! In January the AKC introduced a weekly e-mail bulletin, the AKC Weekly Wins Gallery, which showcases wins and photos from dogs across the country. The Gallery allows fanciers to see exactly what they are interested in – quality dogs – and lets exhibitors share their news with the fancy in a format that is both immediate and visually impressive. The early reviews have been wonderful. One enthusiastic exhibitor wrote us: Loved this e-mail. Please keep them coming. Read more.
New Breeder Offers from AKC CAR
Many AKC breeders already encourage puppy buyers to have their new family member microchipped in case of loss or theft. To date, AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) has enrolled more than 4 million animals and helped reunite more than 370,000 lost pets with their owners.

We’ve recently introduced two exciting additions to our pet recovery service that will allow breeders to offer even more options to their puppy buyers, meaning more animals being safely returned home. Read more.

Orlandi Named 2009 AKC Breeder of the Year
Claudia Orlandi, of Topsfield Basset Hounds fame, was named 2009 AKC Breeder of the Year at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, California. Orlandi, at center below, is flanked by AKC Board Members Patti Strand and Walter F. Goodman. Other group recipients were, left to right, David C. Fitzpatrick (Pequest Pekingese), Judith G. Cooper (Tip’N Chip Great Pyrenees), Leslie Russell (Avon Farm Irish Setters), Michelle Edling (Sky Acres Belgian Tervuren), Jean & Robert Hetherington (Mr. Hetherington not pictured; Hetherbull Bulldogs), and Maripi Wooldridge (Terrydale Airedales).
New Breeding Reports Available
The AKC Electronic Reporting department has introduced two new reports in 2010. The Champions Bred Report gives breeders a history of the overall number of Champions and titled dogs they have bred or co-bred with the AKC. This report is ideal for breeders who would like to proudly display their breeding accomplishments over the years and to show the total number of titled offspring they have bred with the AKC.

The Champions Finished Report is a history of the overall number of champions and AKC-titled dogs an owner (at time of title) has finished. This report is geared toward dog owners and fanciers who would like to see their history of AKC titles accomplished, or for prospective judges who may be submitting a new judges application.

To order a report, and for more information on pricing, availability, and requirements, write the Electronic Reporting department at reports@akc.org.

A Solid Foundation
Since 1995, the CHF has provided bedrock support for canine health. Many people don’t know this, but the American Kennel Club has always supported canine health research. Historically, contributions were made to Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, in the 1970s the AKC was instrumental in funding the research that lead to the parvovirus vaccine. Because of the AKC’s support, parvo is now relatively rare in the American canine population. In the early 1990s, the AKC Delegates suggested that the American Kennel Club develop an organization that could focus all its efforts on funding health research and education. As a result, in 1995, the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) was created. Read more.

Genome Barks Podcasts
Here is a list of podcasts currently in the Genome Barks Library.
Remember, a new podcast is released every two weeks.
The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Breeder's Handbook: Weaning More Puppies The last three weeks of pregnancy and the first eight weeks of life are the most vulnerable time for a puppy, but particularly immediately before and after birth. Regardless of how many puppies were born, it is the number of puppies weaned that determine how successful that breeding will be.

What happens when the pups that are successfully weaned are not the full number of pups born? Read more.

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The American Kennel Club’s Breeder of the Year Award presentation took place on December 13 in Long Beach, California, at the Ninth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, where Claudia Orlandi, of Topsfield Basset Hounds fame, was named our 2009 Breeder of the Year. At left you'll see a photo of the presentation and all of the Breeder of the Year group recipients. Congratulations to all!

Also in this issue we have the third and final installment of "Whelping Preparedness," entitled "Countdown to the Big Day," written by our feature writer, Arliss Paddock, who interviews many of our top breeders for their input in her always-informative articles. Royal Canin’s excellent contribution this issue is "Weaning More Puppies," by Dr. Bretaigne Jones.

In our "Advice from the Breeder" column we have a wonderful article by our 2009 Toy Group recipient of the AKC Breeder of the Year Award, David Fitzpatrick, a man whose name is synonymous with his breed, the Pekingese, on the pertinent topic of mentoring. David has been in our sport almost his entire life and gives back so very much as a breeder, mentor, and as a great sportsman.

"Inside the AKC" this issue are three items of interest: a comprehensive overview of an AKC affiliate organization, The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation; the introduction of the new and eagerly awaited Champions Bred Report and the Champions Finished Report; plus the exciting new e-mail bulletin, the AKC Weekly Wins Gallery. I hope that you will enjoy our newsletter and look forward to hearing from you.

Ronald N. Rella
Director, Breeder Services

Breeders' Symposium
The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation present the schedule for 2010:

• June 5th – Ames, Iowa

• August 28 – Olympia, Washington

• September 11 – Athens, Georgia

For information contact Ron Rella, rnr@akc.org, or Erika Werne, eaw@akcchf.org.

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