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Spring 2009
French Bulldog
Evaluating Your Litter
By Arliss Paddock
Part One: Tips and Insights from Top Breeders The fun begins the moment you cradle the first newborn puppy in your hands and wonder, What will this one be like when he grows up?

The process actually began long before they were whelped, when in planning the breeding you considered the characteristics of the sire and dam and their parents, siblings, and other relatives. Knowledge of both positive and negative traits present in the pedigree provided a heads-up on some of the things you can keep a lookout for as the puppies grow. Read more.

Genome Barks Podcasts
Genome Barks Podcasts
In our last issue we introduced the AKC and CHF's latest program, Genome Barks Podcasts. Here is a list of podcasts currently in our library which can be found on both and
Remember, a new podcast is released every two weeks.

Advice from the Breeder By Susan LaCroix Hamil
Banking on the Future It is the call no breeder wants to receive. A beautiful much-titled dog, Sam'Son, from your favorite and best stud dog, Sam, has just been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease of probable genetic origin. Panic sets in as you sit down to try to sort out this new information and formulate a plan.

First to find out all that you can about this disease, its proper diagnosis, and possibility of genetic origin and transmission. Next you'll need to notify all owners of the bitches Sam was bred to and notify all puppy buyers. You'll need to check with Sam's breeder to see if any of Sam's siblings or half siblings have been affected or have produced affected offspring. Read more.

Junior Handlers
Inside the AKC
The National Junior Organization Did you know the AKC has an organization just for young people? The AKC National Junior Organization was formed in 1995 to provide juniors, those under 18 years of age, an organization that supports the accomplishments of young people participating with their dogs in AKC events.

Juniors may sign up to receive the "AKC Junior E-newsletter," which contains articles written by juniors as well as information about upcoming events. (Click here for past issues and how to subscribe, as well as other information for juniors.) Read more.

Joan Savage
Savage Named Breeder of the Year Joan Savage, of Stagedoor English Setters notoriety, was named 2008 AKC Breeder of the Year at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, California. Savage, shown below holding the Breeder of the Year trophies in a lineup flanked by AKC Board Members Patti Strand andWalter F. Goodman. Other group recipients were, left to right, Kathy & Julie Jones (Jasiri-Sukari Basenjis), Lilian Ostermiller (De-Li Bernese Mountain Dogs), Miriam Stamm (Anstamm Scottish Terriers), Luke and Diane Ehricht (Hallmark Jolei Shih Tzu), Eleanor & Bob Candland (El-Bo Boston Terriers), and James & Sheree Moses (Kaleef German Shepherd Dogs).
Breeder of the Year
Royal Canin Breeder's Handbooks The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Breeder's Handbook: When Breeding Problems Occur The term infertile is commonly associated with the inability to conceive. It actually applies to any condition that prevents conception, implantation of the embryo, or maintenance of the pregnancy to delivery.

It may be an overused word and applied to a bitch that doesn't readily get pregnant along the expected time-line of the majority of the canine species. There are certainly conditions that can further restrict an already narrow window of opportunity for conception and, or, implantation, where "subfertile" is more representative. Read more.


Upcoming AKC–AKC CHF Breeders Symposia
April 4 -- Pomona, CA
July 5 -- Tampa, FL
September 19 -- Enid, OK
November 7 -- Philadelphia, PA

For more information, contact Ron Rella or Erike Werne.

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  The American Kennel Club's Breeder of the Year Award presentation took place on December 14 in Long Beach, California, at the Eighth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, where Joan Savage, of Stagedoor English Setter fame, was named the AKC's 2008 Breeder of the Year. Check page 5 of this issue for a photo of the presentation and all of the Breeder of the Year group recipients.

Also in this issue we have the next installment of "The Science of Breeding" from Royal Canin, which deals with what to do "When Breeding Problems Occur."

Our feature article is on "Evaluating Your Litter." The author has interviewed some of our past Breeder of the Year recipients to discover their valuable tips and insights.

In our "Advice from the Breeder" column we have an important article by Susan LaCroix Hamil, 2006 AKC Breeder of the Year recipient in the Hound Group category, on the CHIC DNA Repository. "Inside the AKC" covers The American Kennel Club National Junior Organization, including a photo from the National Championship showing Dylan Kipp, named Best Junior, as well as many of the talented competition finalists.

Rounding out this issue, we have a follow-up to last issue's article on the AKC Humane Fund, and important information on both The American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Health Foundation symposia and Genome Barks Podcast programs.

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