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Fall 2009
Siberian Huskies
Whelping Preparedness: What to Expect, What to Do, and When to Call the Vet
By Arliss Paddock
Part One: An Overview of Pregnancy and Whelping The arrival of new puppies into the world is a much-anticipated event, the focus of all your study, planning, and hopes as a breeder. As each pup is born, you wonder if this will be the one—will he be a Best in Show winner? An agility star or field champion? A stellar service dog? For the breeder, the birth of a litter is charged with excitement and the promise of new possibilities. But it is not a situation to be entered into lightly or with inadequate preparation. It should not be entered into at all, in fact, without there having first been sober, clear-eyed consideration of whether this female should be bred. Read more.
Genome Barks Podcasts
Genome Barks Podcasts
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Julie and Kathy Jones
The Time of Their Lives By Julie Jones
Sisters Julie and Kathy Jones, of Jasiri-Sukari Basenjis, make every dog show a family reunion.  Have you ever been listening to the radio and a song comes on that conjures up all kinds of memories? It happens to me a lot. There are some songs that I turn off because they bring back bad memories. Some songs are very sad and make me cry, but I usually leave them on anyway. And some songs bring back really good memories and usually make me smile. Read more.
AKC Rally
Inside the AKC
AKC Companion Events Times are changing and the world's largest and second-oldest purebred-dog registry now has competition-competition in registration, dog-related sports, venues, competition for exhibitors new and old alike, and for resources.

This competition requires the American Kennel Club to reevaluate how dogs are registered, and how we show, trial, and train in addition to how dogs—show and pet alike—are represented. With so many other options available to dog owners, we are tasked with showing why the AKC remains the best choice for the public and their canines. We must show how we are not just champion dogs, but the dog's champion. Read more.

Royal Canin Breeder's Handbooks The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Breeder's Handbook: Variables That Influence Litter Size Many variables work collectively to determine litter size. We expect the dam to exert an influence, but there are other contributing factors. Breeding management plays several roles in the number of offspring we can expect. It’s not too hard to accept that genetics, environment and nutrition all play a part as well.

Starting with the dam, we can identify specific factors that will bear on litter size. Every litter starts with the estrous cycle. Within each cycle are four distinct stages which must evolve along a given time line for optimal breeding results. Proestrus is the first stage showing outward signs the cycle has started. This transitions into estrus, which the stage at which she will accept the male and is ovulating. Read more.

Experience Meet the Breeds!

Upcoming AKC–AKC CHF Breeders Symposia
September 19 -- Enid, OK
November 7 -- Philadelphia, PA

For more information, contact Ron Rella or Erika Werne.

New York City's Jacob Javits Center will be the site this October 17 and 18 for The American Kennel Club and Cat Fanciers' Association's Meet the Breeds event—the World's Largest Showcase of Dogs and Cats,presented by Pet Partners.

The AKC has announced its 2009 Breeder of the Year group recipients: Leslie Russell, Sporting Group (Avon Farm Irish Setters); Claudia Orlandi, Hound Group (Topsfield Basset Hounds); Judith Cooper,Working Group (Tip'N Chip Great Pyrenees); Maripi Wooldridge, Terrier Group (Terrydale Airedale Terriers); David Fitzpatrick, Toy Group (Pequest Pekingese); Jean & Robert Hetherington, Non-Sporting Group (Hetherbull Bulldogs); and Michelle Edling, Herding Group (SkyAcres Belgian Tervuren). Congratulations to these well-deserving honorees!

In this issue of AKC Breeder, our feature article is "Whelping Preparedness." Part one is an overview of pregnancy and whelping. Our "Advice from the Breeder" article has the AKC 2008 Hound Group Breeder of the Year recipients, the "Basenji Sisters" Julie and Kathy Jones, telling us how they make every dog show a family reunion. "Inside the AKC" is a piece by AKC AVP Curt Curtis on AKC Companion Events, where "Dogs of All Breeds Prove Their Intelligence and Trainability." From the Royal Canin's Breeder's Handbook we have an article by Dr. Bretaigne Jones on the variables that influence litter size. And don't forget to check out the newly released podcasts on Genome Barks and the upcoming AKC and CHF Breeder's Symposia.

Ronald N. Rella
Director, Breeder Services

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