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Fall 2008
Irish Setter The Dual Breeder: Breeding for Both
Conformation and Performance
By Arliss Paddock
Part One: Challenges and Approaches In Part One, we looked at how critical it is for the breeder of purebred dogs to understand the breed’s origin. Preserving all the breed’s qualities thus ideally entails testing or proving somehow the working ability of animals whose superior conformation makes them breeding candidates. But as we touched upon in Part One, the practical realities of proving your dogs in separate realms of canine activity can be daunting. Following, a select group of successful dual breeders share their thoughts on why—and how—they persevere. Read more.
Genome Barks Podcasts
Genome Barks Podcasts By Adam King
In March of 2008, the American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation launched and exciting new program entitled Genome Barks. Podcasting is a relatively new type of media-sharing that has quickly caught on in most arenas. It allows for the download of digital media files, which can then either be listened to at your computer, or downloaded directly to your iPod (or other portable media player) for on-the-go listening. Read more.
Helen Szostak Advice from the Breeder By Helen Szostak
The College of Canine Knowledge The objective of any breeding program is to produce the most perfect representative of your breed that you can. Perfection should include breed type and style, soundness, temperament, and working ability as defined by the blueprint: the breed standard. Of even greater importance is the production of a healthy dog that will be someone’s beloved companion for many, many years. Read more.
AKC Booth Inside the AKC By Barbara Ohmann
AKC's One-Stop Information Shop, Coming Soon to a Show Near You How do I register my dog? Can I check my points to see if I can move up my dog? Can I get information on online registration and recordkeeping? Do you have any information about breeders of Beagles? I have a family with small children—what breed do you recommend?

This is just a small sampling of the questions that AKC Education and Information Booth staff hears on any of the 40-plus weekends and the more than 130 days they are seen at dog shows and events each year. Read more.

Janina Laurin Advice from the Breeder By Janina Laurin
Low Numbers, High Ideals Like several of my fellow Group Breeders of the Year, I am also a second-generation dog person and a former junior handler, and was a handler’s assistant to my aunt Gerlinde Hockla during my youth. Unlike some of them, however, I have faced rather unique challenges throughout my years in the fancy. Chateau Blanc Belgian Tervuren is probably best described as a "boutique kennel." When we were young, the most dogs we ever had were 8 to 10. Currently, our immediate family splits six dogs among three households. It has never been a major breeding operation. Read more.
Royal Canin Breeder's Handbooks The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Breeder's Handbook: Newborn Care Newborn puppies are very immature and need a certain amount of time to acquire the means of defending themselves in their new environment. During the first hours of life, their immediate needs can be summed up as warmth, water and energy. Read more.


Upcoming AKC–AKC CHF Breeders Symposia
October 25 & 26, 2008
Chaparral Suites Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

November 8 & 9, 2008
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia

For more information, contact Ron Rella,, 212-696-8303;
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  The American Kennel Club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation have once again joined forces to assist breeders in improving the health and longevity of our dogs. The Genome Barks! podcast program enables individuals to download canine breeding and health information onto their computers and iPods. Read more on this exciting new program in this issue. The AKC and the AKC/CHF also run a series of very successful Breeders Symposia: A list of these upcoming events can also be found inside.

Royal Canin's "The Science of Breeding" series continues with a comprehensive section on newborn care that covers the "Needs of the Newborn" and "Neonatal Infectious Diseases." The "Dual Breeder" article that began in our Summer issue continues here with "Part Two: Challenges and Approaches."

Breeder of the Year's 2003 Sporting Group recipient, Helen Szostak, discusses the importance of judges' education, and 2002's Herding Group recipient, Janina Laurin, details how her family has maintained a long-lasting, winning bloodline while working with a small gene pool. And of course, "Inside AKC" visits the AKC Booth, the "one-stop information shop."

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