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Online Record Keeping: A Boon for Breeders

Online Record Keeping is the latest AKC Resource for breeders. If you have an Internet connection, all of your records can be up-to-date and easily accessible beginning today.

Kuvaszok / Isabelle Francais for AKC
In time, these littermates will generate show ribbons, many great memories—and lots of paperwork. AKC Online Record Keeping will help you spend less time with your records and more time with your puppies.

Any breeder with a “My AKC” account can use this free service, which provides a centralized area online to maintain your dog and litter records. With Online Record Keeping, breeders can record mating and birth information for litters and view official litter-registration data, including dog-registration status for puppies in the litter, and there’s a handy address-book function for convenient storage of co-owner and puppy-buyer contact information.

Online Record Keeping also allows breeders to quickly print AKC dog-ownership, breeding, and litter records. If the breeder completes the system’s necessary fields, all information required for AKC recordkeeping will be filled out automatically on these forms.

In addition, the new service lets breeders record sale and ownership information for puppies, and manage puppy records by adding notes about breeding and whelping. With this level of detail, keeping accurate breeding records has never been easier.

(For those who have already taken advantage of online dog registration to record sale and new ownership information, the service has been moved to the “Online Record Keeping” section of “My AKC” for easier access.)

If you have an authenticated “My AKC” account, or want to start one, just go to on the upper-right box the homepage and begin the process. You are just seconds away from maintaining your dog and litter records online.

Follow these easy steps.
  1. Log on to your “My AKC” account.
  2. Sign up for Online Record Keeping Services on the main page.
  3. Go to the “My Dogs and Litters” section.
  4. Click on “Breeder Records” to view, create, and maintain breeder records; view AKC litter and puppy information; and view and manage puppy records.

To maintain and view all your records, it will be important to add to your account all the dogs you own or used to own. If you have not already done so, you can add dogs by selecting the “Add a Dog” hyperlink that appears under “Manage Dogs.”

The AKC is always looking for new ways to serve breeders. We continue to develop and enhance online services, and your suggestions and feedback are welcome. Send comments to feedback@akc.org.

  Ronald N. Rella, director, Breeder Services
Email: AKCbreeder@akc.org
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