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The Full Litter Option
By Penny Leigh

Some breeders prefer to register all their puppies—both show and pet prospects—before they go to their new homes. The AKC helps breeders who choose that route with the Full Litter Registration, which gives a discount to breeders who register their litter and individually register puppies at the same time.

Sheryl Bartel, of Mount Vernon, Washington, has bred Greyhounds for conformation and lure coursing since 1999 and has always individually registered her puppies under her Helios kennel name. An experience before she started breeding convinced her to take matters into her own hands.

“My first dealings with puppies was with another breeder whose puppies I inherited when she got divorced and could no longer care for them,” Bartel says. “We got all the registration papers, sent the puppy buyers home with the papers, and then discovered later that no one sent them in.”

By the time Bartel’s Greyhounds are 12 weeks old, they are registered and microchipped.

Full litter registration offers breeders many advantages. They include a 29 percent average discount on litter-registration fees (based on litter of five puppies); a 40 percent average discount on dog-registration fees (based on litter of five puppies); a streamlined process to complete the entire registration; the ability to select each puppy’s name, ensuring kennel names are used correctly; and increased accuracy of puppy information (color, sex, markings, limited/full).

Full litter registration ensures that each dog bears its kennel name for posterity. Registration also preserves breed history and educates pet owners about many exciting AKC activities.

“I want to support the AKC and have the new owners realize there are lots of other things to do with their dogs,” says Bartel, a Greyhound Club of America board member. “We encourage them to take advantage of all the AKC has to offer and to subscribe to the AKC Gazette and the parent club newsletter.”

  Ronald N. Rella, director, Breeder Services
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