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Summer 2007

Filling the Knowledge Gap
By Mara Bovsun

Breeding quality dogs is among the most challenging of human endeavors, combining several scientific disciplines—genetics, nutrition, and biomechanics—with aesthetics, that innate “eye” for a dog that comes close to the image of perfection that is described in the breed standard.

While some luck is involved, being a good breeder is more than a matter of putting two animals together and hoping for the best. Nevertheless, there is no school, no licensing, no certification programs for people interested in meeting the challenge.

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Pick of the Litter QuestionPick-of-the-Litter Question
Many breeders provide each new puppy buyer with a Puppy Packet that contains important papers and informational materials. If you are a breeder that gives out Puppy Packets, we would like to know what your packet contains.

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Last issue’s question: How do you identify your puppies in lookalike litters?

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Looking for Mr. Good Dog
By Judy Colan
A dog is capable of producing hundreds of puppies, but a bitch is limited in the number of puppies she can produce. Choosing the right stud dog is of the utmost importance and can make or break a breeding program.

Making the right choice is based on your ability to study and evaluate dogs and bitches of your breed. First, honestly evaluate your bitch. Where would you change her? Once you have determined where you need to improve her, go out and look at all the dogs and bitches in the ring.

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Registration Benefits Buyers and Breeders
By Penny Leigh

When longtime breeder Pat Hall hands registration papers to new puppy buyers, she often gets the same reaction.

"They just spent a lot of money on a puppy and they say, Why should I spend more money registering it?" Hall says.

Hall has bred top-winning dogs for 30 years at her Poricia kennels in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She registers her show-quality Toy Manchester Terriers and Chinese Cresteds herself but leaves the registration decision up to buyers who purchase a companion.

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Complimentary 60-Day AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
By Linda Bell
Matching your puppies with the “perfect family” is a challenge. All kinds of questions go through your mind as you assess your prospective buyers and their suitability for your puppies: Does this family fit your breed; do they understand the implications of owning a dog, as well as your dog; do they truly deserve your special dog?

This pup represents the fruits of your hard work, of your constant reading up on the latest breeding methods, of your research about the best sire, of your late nights with a restless dam, of your time, of your financial investment in the whole process and—perhaps more importantly—of your huge emotional investment in that litter.

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Online Record Keeping: A Boon for Breeders
Online Record Keeping is the latest AKC Resource for breeders. If you have an Internet connection, all of your records can be up-to-date and easily accessible beginning today.

Any breeder with a “My AKC” account can use this free service, which provides a centralized area online to maintain your dog and litter records. With Online Record Keeping, breeders can record mating and birth information for litters and view official litter-registration data, including dog-registration status for puppies in the litter, and there’s a handy address-book function for convenient storage of co-owner and puppy-buyer contact information.

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The Full Litter Option
By Penny Leigh
Some breeders prefer to register all their puppies—both show and pet prospects—before they go to their new homes. The AKC helps breeders who choose that route with the Full Litter Registration, which gives a discount to breeders who register their litter and individually register puppies at the same time.

Sheryl Bartel, of Mount Vernon, Washington, has bred Greyhounds for conformation and lure coursing since 1999 and has always individually registered her puppies under her Helios kennel name. An experience before she started breeding convinced her to take matters into her own hands.

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From the AKC
Since its founding in 1884, the AKC has been the organization of choice for people who are devoted to purebred dogs. To acknowledge this loyalty, the AKC strives to assist breeders by offering a myriad of services and programs designed specifically for breeders and puppy buyers. Featured in this issue of "AKC Breeder" are four articles highlighting just a few of these very special programs: The AKC–AKC/CHF Breeders Symposia series bring breeders together with experts from key areas of canine health, behavior, and reproduction; there are many registration options available to breeders and puppy buyers which entitle them to features that add up to great savings; the AKC Complimentary 60-Day Pet Healthcare Plan is the ideal way to show owners the way to start good health practices from the beginning; and introducing the AKC’s latest resource for breeders, Online Record Keeping.

In addition, Judy Colan, the 2006 AKC Sporting Group Breeder of the Year, has contributed an article on the importance of selecting the correct stud dog for your bitch. And of course, we pose a new "Pick-of-the-Litter" question and present your responses to last issue’s question. If you have a question you’d like to see answered in a future issue, please send it to me.

Ronald N. Rella
Director, Breeder Services
(212) 696-8303

AKC Mission Statement
The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.

  Ronald N. Rella, Director, Breeder Services