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Pick-of-the-litter Question

Last issue's question: Many breeders provide each new puppy buyer with a Puppy Packet that contains important papers and informational materials. If you are a breeder that gives out Puppy Packets, we would like to know what your packet contains.

Our readers obviously send their puppies off to their new homes well supplied with important information and helpful goodies. Here is a collective list of documentation supplied by our breeders:

  • AKC Registration Application or Certificate
  • Pedigree or Litter Certificate
  • Vaccination records
  • Worming records
  • Complete health records
  • Puppy and/or parents Health Certificates (OFA, CERF, etc.)
  • Microchipping information and/or application
  • Puppy Folder (available through AKC and others)
  • Sales contract
  • Pet Health Insurance information and/or application
  • Articles on training, including crate training
  • Articles on grooming
  • Articles and instructions of feeding
  • Articles on socialization
  • Breed standard
  • General breed information
  • Articles on breed appropriate diseases and health tests
  • Articles on Heartworm/Flea and Tick prevention
  • A selection of appropriate AKC pamphlets
  • Information on local veterinarians, training classes, groomers, etc.
  • Information on Parent Club of the breed
  • Information on local AKC kennel clubs, obedience clubs and the like
  • Breeders contact information
In addition, many breeders' lists included:
  • Photos of the pup as a newborn, etc.
  • Photos of puppy's parents if available
  • Food sample of food currently being fed
  • Toys and/or blanket with familiar smells

Obviously, no one breeder gives new puppy buyers all of the items mentioned above. Review the list and select the ones best suited for you and your puppies. Maybe the list will give you an idea or two for some additions to your current Puppy Packet.

Editor's note: The opinions of our readers as listed are not recommendations from the AKC. You should always consult you veterinarian when making a decision regarding your dog�s care.

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