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Winter 2007
Pick-of-the-litter Question

Last issue's question:What topic would be of special interest to you for an article in an upcoming issue of AKC Breeder?

Thanks to all of you readers who responded to last issue’s question. We now have a list of interesting topics in reserve to consider for upcoming articles.
Many of you requested articles on specific breeds. With 169 breeds and varieties of dogs currently recognized by the AKC, that becomes a bit of a challenge. Those looking for breed-specific information can go to your breed’s AKC parent club web site for a wealth of information. Breed-specific health issues, health testing, activities, articles, and newsletters are just a sampling of what you will find. 

As it turned out, two readers had queries regarding topics that were being prepared for this issue.

K.S. Geisler had questions regarding better understanding the bitch’s cycling. We have part one of an article by Arliss Paddock on the bitch’s heat cycle. T. Miller would like some insight as to how some top breeders operate successful breeding programs with low numbers of dogs. Our “Advice from the Breeder” article by the 2003 AKC Herding Group Breeder of the Year, Jeré Marder, is on just such a subject.

This month's question: Given the opportunity, what question would you like to ask one of our Breeder of the Year recipients?

Send your answers to AKCBreeder@akc.org.

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