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New Full Litter Registration Form Allows You to Register a Litter and Individually Register Each Pup at Same Time

By Penny Leigh, AKC Internal Consultant and breeder of Flat-Coated Retrievers and Bearded Collies
Register your litter and each puppy individually all on one new form.
(Ibizan Hound; Mary Bloom)

Elaine Lessig is committed to breeding the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for both show and companionship.

Lessig scrupulously screens her dogs for health problems and selects only structurally and mentally sound dogs for her breeding program. Before her puppies leave, Lessig carefully matches them to the right owner. She recently added something she considers another vital step of the breeding process.

Lessig registers every puppy with the American Kennel Club before they go to their new homes.

“I want them all to be registered and I want all the puppies – show and pet – to carry my registered kennel name – Roi L,” she said.

An AKC pilot program, launched July 31, makes it easier for breeders to individually register all puppies in a litter. The Full Litter Registration Application enables breeders to register a litter and individually register each puppy at the same time, using one application form. The breeder names each puppy, but puppy owners have the option of changing the name with the breeder’s consent. The application also offers discounted litter and dog registration fees.

Maripi Wooldridge breeds Airedale Terriers and Lakeland Terriers in Mebane, N.C., and for some time has registered all her puppies. She calls the new form “a brilliant idea.”

“It is so convenient,” Wooldridge said. “You fill out one set of paper work, send it in and you don’t deal with it again.”

There are many advantages to breeders registering all puppies in each litter.

“On show dogs, I want to make sure they are registered like they are supposed to be,” Wooldridge said. “Owners of pet puppies often decide they want to compete in Agility or other events. I have been contacted two or three years after a puppy was sold with the owner saying, ‘We want to show now. We never sent the papers in, and now we can’t find them.’ ’’

AKC developed the Full Litter Registration Application program in response to breeders’ requests for a more streamlined process to register all puppies.

“With this new simplified process, breeders can register the entire litter in their name, select puppy names, and ensure accuracy of additional information like color, sex, and markings of each pup,” said Assistant Vice President Registration/Customer Service David W. Roberts. “Breeders should find this very helpful in regard to record keeping, overseeing breeding stock, and selling AKC-registered puppies to pet owners.”

Karen Arends of Fort Worth, Texas, breeds top-winning Portuguese Water Dogs under the Seabreeze kennel prefix. Like many fanciers, Arends said she never worried if her pet quality puppies were registered by their new owners. But recent events changed her mind, and Arends plans to start registering all her puppies – both show and pet – before they are placed.

“I’ve been thinking about this since I’ve been a delegate and have been hearing how many people are not registering their puppies,” said Arends, who serves as an AKC delegate for the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. “I thought that breeders should take more responsibility for assuring their puppies were registered.”

The new application is a great incentive to start the practice, she said.

“In the past, I haven’t (registered the puppies individually) because I think people should be able to pick their own name for their puppy, but this new form still gives them that option. It makes it easy, and that will make a big difference for breeders.”

The many programs AKC offers to owners of newly registered dogs also provides incentive for registration. These programs benefit owners of show and pet dogs and make it worthwhile for everyone to register their dog.

In addition to the Registration Certificate, the basic registration fee of $15 comes with these extras:

  • 60-day complimentary enrollment in the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
  • Free e-certificates from dog.com, worth $15 to $40, depending upon the registration package the owner chooses
  • E-certificate for a complimentary office visit with a veterinary practice in the AKC Veterinary Network (See related article.)
  • The New Puppy Handbook, a comprehensive guide to raising a dog
There are several options that owners can choose for additional benefits:
  • Lost-and-Found Option – For an additional $12, owners receive a collar tag with the dog’s AKC registration number and lifetime enrollment with AKC Companion Animal Recovery.
  • Silver Package – For an additional $17, owners receive an AKC-certified three-generation pedigree.
  • Gold Package – For an additional $27, owners get the three-generation pedigree, a dog care and training video, and a year’s subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine.

“With the addition of free e-certificates from dog.com, complimentary pet insurance, and now a free visit to your veterinarian with the AKC Veterinary Network, AKC registration has more value than ever,” Roberts said. “The AKC needs the help of all breeders to help disseminate the importance of AKC registration and further distinguish AKC from the other private, for-profit registries.”

If a breeder registers all the puppies themselves, they will receive the basic benefits package for each pup, which they can give to the new owner. Breeders who use the new Full Litter Application can register litters for a flat $25 fee plus $12 per puppy. Discounts on pedigrees are also available. Currently, the Full Litter Registration option is only available via paper applications.

Cavalier breeder Lessig, a New Jersey resident, registered all her puppies with the breed’s Parent Club and registry prior to AKC recognition of Cavaliers in 1996. Her Parent Club required breeders to register litters as a unit and also individually.  She said the new Full Registration Application will encourage AKC breeders to adopt the same practice.

“Now they can get everything done in one fell swoop and be done with it,” Lessig said.

  Ronald N. Rella, director, Breeder Services
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