theBreed Standard

  • General Appearance

    A wedge shaped head (a four sided pyramid) with erect ears, a sickle shaped tail, a sound skeleton, well muscled: very lively and intelligent, sober and rustic. This is a breed of moderation.

  • Head

    Lean broad based wedge shaped as a four-sided pyramid when viewed from the top or in profile. A large base and a definite pointed muzzle. Skull - Flat, almost straight in profile. Prominent brow bone. Barely perceptible frontal furrow. Relatively flat between the ears. Prominent occiput. Planes: The plane of the muzzle very slightly diverges downward from the plane of the skull.  Stop - Barely defined. Eyes -Very lively expression with small almond shape set slightly oblique. Not rounded or prominent. Eye color ranges from honey to dark brown in accordance with the coat

  • Neck, Topline, Body

    Neck - A harmonious transition from head to body. Straight with a slight arch at the nape. Medium in length, well proportioned, strong and muscled. Very dry without dewlaps. Topline -Level. Withers - Only slightly visible. Back - Straight and long. Loin - Level, broad and well muscled. Croup - Straight or very slightly sloping and medium size. Well muscled. Chest - The chest reaches to the elbow. It is long and of medium width. The ribcage is slightly sprung. Moderate fore chest. Underline - The belly is lean and slightly tucked up.

  • Forequarters

    Shoulder - Blade moderately laid back. Shoulder and upper arm angle is moderate. Elbow -Well tucked in. Forearm - Straight, long, muscled. Pastern - Short, lean, strong and slightly sloping. Feet - Oval, strong, tight, slightly arched. Strong nails and tough firm pads.

  • Hindquarters

    Upright when seen from the back and side. Well muscled and lean. Upper thigh - Long and of medium width, muscled. Stifle joint - Moderate angulation. Second thigh - Long, lean, strong, and well muscled. Hock joint - Medium height, lean, strong, moderately angled. Rear pastern - Strong, short, straight. Without dewclaws. Hind feet - As in front.