theBreed Standard

  • General Appearance

    The Irish Red and White Setter is bred primarily for the field. The standard as set out hereunder must be interpreted chiefly from this point of view and all judges at bench shows must be encouraged to judge the exhibits chiefly from the working standpoint. The appearance is strong and powerful, well balanced and proportioned without lumber; athletic rather than racy with an aristocratic, keen and intelligent attitude.

  • Head

    The gentle expression displays a kindly, friendly attitude. The eyes are dark hazel or dark brown; round, with slight prominence but without haw. The ears are set level with the eyes, well back, lying close to the head.

  • Body

    The neck is moderately long, very muscular, but not too thick, slightly arched, free from all tendency to throatiness. Topline-The topline of the dog, from the withers to the croup should be level, not sloping. The croup should be well rounded and sloping slightly downward to the tailset. Body-The body is strong & muscular with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. The back is very muscular and powerful.

  • Forequarters

    Angulation-The shoulders are well laid back. Elbow-The elbows are free, turning neither in nor out. Legs-The forelegs are straight and sinewy, well boned, with strong pasterns. Feet-The feet are close-knit with plenty of feathering between toes.

  • Hindquarters

    The hindquarters are wide and powerful. Legs-The legs are of strong bone, well muscled and sinewy. The thighs, from hip to hock, are long and muscular. The stifle is well bent. The hock is well let down and turns neither in nor out, hocks are of moderate length and strong. Feet-The feet are close-knit with plenty of feathering between toes.

  • Coat

    Long silky fine hair called "Feathering" is present on the back of the fore and hind legs and on the outer ear flap, also a reasonable amount is on the flank extending onto the chest and throat forming a fringe. All feathering is straight, flat and not overly profuse. The tail is well feathered. On the head, front of legs and other parts of the body the hair is short, flat and free from curl but a slight wave is permissible.