DOGNY: America's Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs

DOGNY Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of dog is the DOGNY Dog?

A: The DOGNY Dog is a German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherd Dogs are among the most widely used dogs in canine search and rescue. Their intelligence, size, agility and keen desire to please their handlers are all qualities that make them wonderfully suited for search, rescue and recovery activities in a variety of scenarios. The NYPD currently uses 32 German Shepherds in its K9 Unit of 35 dogs.

Q: When and where will DOGNY Dogs be displayed?

A: The DOGNY exhibit took place from August through November, 2002. Sculptures were on display in public locations throughout Manhattan.

Q: Can I purchase a DOGNY sculpture from the exhibit?

A: After the exhibit, most DOGNY sculptures were sold at auction.

All net proceeds generated from DOGNY, including sculpture sales and the auction, will be donated to american search and rescue dog organizations through the AKC Reunite Canine Support and Relief Fund, an established 501(c)(3) charity.

Q: What happens to the money DOGNY earns?

A: All revenue generated by DOGNY after expenses will be placed in the AKC Reunite Canine Support and Relief Fund to be distributed to Canine Search and Rescue organizations across the United States. The Canine Support and Relief Fund is an established, actively operating 501(c)(3) charity. All sponsorship fees and donations are 100% tax deductible.

Q: Who is DOGNY?

A: DOGNY is a charitable project conceived and administered pro-bono by the American Kennel Club.