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Training/Testing: Where are Training Classes?

Your local AKC dog club should be able to provide you with the information you need to find or join CGC training in your community. Some AKC obedience clubs offer "Canine Good Citizen" classes. Other clubs, while perhaps not having a class specifically named CGC, will cover all of the CGC skills in a basic obedience class.

Because some AKC all-breed and specialty (for one breed) clubs provide training classes even though "obedience training club" is not a part of their name, when you are looking for training, all-breed and specialty clubs may be a good resource also.

CGC evaluators are excellent resources for telling you about the training in your area. Even though an evaluator might not offer training classes, most evaluators could direct you to the training that was available in your city.

If you can not find an AKC club that meets your training needs, some pet super stores and private trainers also offer Canine Good Citizen training.