CGC at Colonial Williamsburg: With Liberty and Justice

By Adam Claar & Taylor Nixon

Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia. The museum recreates a colonial town and is important to Revolutionary War history. That’s the war in which George Washington fought.

When it comes to dogs, people hear George Washington and think “foxhounds.” But, as it turns out, Washington owned several breeds including Dalmatians, Newfoundlands, and among others, Briards.

At Colonial Williamsburg, canine mascots include two Briards whose names are Liberty and Justice. Liberty and Justice share the role of playing the part of Liberty, George Washington's Briard.

Liberty and Justice have both just passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. Who needs good manners more than a dog who meets people for a living?

Meeting a friendly stranger is a skill put to the test at Colonial Williamsburg where Liberty and Justice meet people all day long—people who smell like the cats they left at home, and who wear all kinds of perfumes, and strange clothes, hats, and sunglasses.

How about walking through a crowd? There’s a crowd and then there’s a CROWD. As in, on the 4th of July at Colonial Williamsburg. Remember, this is what the Revolutionary War was all about, so the crowds on July 4th are huge.

Sit and down and stay are handy skills for mascot dogs. Nearly every tourist who sees the mascot dogs wants a photo for the folks back home. That means sit still and don’t move.

So, here at one of America's greatest attractions, we recognize the importance of having well trained dogs.