LINK AKC Smart Collar: Advanced GPS Tracking Technology

Endorsed by the American Kennel Club, the LINK AKC smart collar is the best way to always keep your dog safe, healthy and happy. Combining the most advanced technology available with a simple mobile app, LINK AKC puts your dog’s location and needs right at your fingertips. Primary features of the LINK AKC smart collar include:


Location: Just like reaching out to friends or family from your smartphone,  you can always check in on your dog with LINK AKC.

  • Nationwide coverage: LINK AKC uses AT&T’s cellular network and GPS technology to track your dog's location anywhere in the U.S.*
  • Digital safe zones: Create a temporary virtual fence when you are away from home, visiting a friend, or off leash so you are alerted if your dog wanders too far.


Wellness: LINK AKC provides meaningful knowledge so you know you’re doing what’s best for your dog.

  • Precise Activity Tracking: 3-axis accelerometer to accurately identify moderate vs intense movement.

  • Personalized and Insightful: Provides activity level recommendations based on your dog’s age, breed or mixed breed, behavior, and size.


Adventures: Record, save and share special walks, hikes and other adventures with your dog.

  • Virtual scrapbook: Each adventure includes a map with a distance and time stamp plus photos taken along the way.
  • Easy To Use: Start adventures with the touch of a button and easily edit photos taken along the way.
  • Digital Album: Store unlimited adventures.


Order yours today and receive our 3 year warranty as well as free shipping.