Future Dog Owners


Why Register with the AKC?Why Register with the AKC?

Learn about the special rewards and privileges that come with AKC registration.

Be a Responsible Dog OwnerBe a Responsible Dog Owner

Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it's a responsibility. See our list of 102 suggestions on being a responsible dog owner.

Breeder of MeritBreeder of Merit

A new program for the AKC breeder/exhibitor.

Breeder ReferralBreeder Referral

The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder.

Breeder Classifieds Breeder Classifieds

Offers puppy buyers a service which enables them to locate breeders in their area that have puppies for sale.

Breed Rescue Breed Rescue

Contacts that can assist you with information about purebred rescue.

Public EducationPublic Education

This department works to educate the public about responsible dog ownership, the AKC, purebred dogs and our sport.

AKC MagazinesAKC Magazines

Preview an issue of the AKC Gazette and AKC Family Dog; see highlights from past issues, and manage your subscriptions.