Therapy Dog Honor Means Something More to this Dog’s Owner

Therapy Dog Honor Means Something More to this Dog's Owner

Mr. Gibbs THDD CGCA, owned by Tawanda Harbison of Newark, DE

Earning Mr. Gibbs’ THDD means a lot to Tawanda Harbison because “six years ago, I didn’t think I would be alive, let alone have such an amazing companion,” she said. Mr. Gibbs is seven years old and has been a therapy dog since 2013.

“Mr. Gibbs is a rescue, but he rescued me,” said Tawanda. “I was at death’s door at 69 pounds. I could not walk and had very little hair. This was all from anorexia. I also had agoraphobia and hadn't left the house in years.”

The pair bonded instantly. Two years after Tawanda got him, she joined Paws for People in Newark, Delaware. It was founded in 2005 by Lynne Robinson. With Mr. Gibbs, she visits at Somerford House assisted living, Aquila of Delaware (substance abuse recovery), Rockford Center (inpatient psychiatric) Seasons Hospice, and the Cecil County health department (substance abuse recovery). They also participate in a reading program through which kids read to dogs at Delaware City Library, Braden Elementary, and at Christ Church preschool. They also visit with kids at a children's hospital and a pediatric medical daycare. “Mr. Gibbs loves his job and getting to go to different places. I am so lucky to have found him. I owe him so much,” said Tawanda.