Competition Update

There is so much great news in this issue on AKC Canine Partners’ dogs achievements in AKC competition. Many All-American Dogs have excelled in recent national events, including the AKC National Agility Championship, AKC Rally National Championship and the AKC Obedience Classic. We also have the first dog to earn the Variable Surface Tracking (VST) title, as well as many other dogs earning multiple top titles.


National Agility News

  • 2014 AKC Agility Invitational – Congratulations to the top five All-American Dogs who received invitations to the 2015 AI held in December in Orlando, FL. Many great runs and two of the five made the finals: Logan & Kim Barton in the 8-inch division with a fourth place finish, and Dillon & Sarah Baker in the 24-inch division.
  • 2015 Westminster Kennel Club Master Agility Championship NAC MACH2 Roo! & Stacey Campbell of Menlo Park, CA, took second place in the 24-inch division in this second annual event held in February in New York City. Roo! also won a special trophy for High Scoring All-American Dog.
  • 2015 AKC National Agility Championships – Congrats again to Roo! & Stacey Campbell who made the finals and took fourth place in the 24-inch division at the NAC held in Reno, NV. Also congrats to Hatti & Elizabeth White of Eau Claire, WI., who made the finals of the 16-inch division and finished in 10th place.

New Multi – MACHS
Congratulations to these dogs for recently adding more MACH titles to their names:

  • MACH7 Dillon The Dog RN MXS2 MJG2 MXF TQX T2B2
  • MACH6 Logan Lake Hope MXS2 MJB3 XF T2B
  • MACH5 James Albert McLean MXC MJB2 MXF MFB TQX T2B
  • MACH4 Trinity’s Carbon Copy MXC MJC MXF T2B
  • MACH3 Sally Of Ingleside MXG MJG OF T2B2
  • MACH3 Arff Tallulah MXG MJC MXF TQX T2B
  • MACH2 Carrington MXG MJG MXF T2B2
  • MACH2 Feel The Need MXG MJC MXF MFB T2B3
  • MACH2 Moses Raphael York CDX BN GN RAE2 MXS MJG XF T2B2 CGCA
  • MACH2 Cabonina La Saltadora MXS MJS
  • MACH2 Wild Dog Annie MXS MJS NAP NF T2B
  • MACH2 Silva's 1957 "Chevy" Belair MXS MJS OF T2B
  • MACH2 Stanley P-Nut MXS MJS OF T2B
  • MACH2 Mckinney's Dexter MXS MJS OAP OJP MXF NFP T2B



MACH Hailey Bell CD BN MXB MJB THD – Danielle Oss – Prior Lake, MN
Danielle Oss, a high school senior, and her family adopted Hailey, a Border Collie-retriever mix, from a shelter in 2008. The following summer on a trip to the Minnesota State Fair, Danielle saw an agility demonstration and knew that she had to try the sport with Hailey. “After watching the demonstrations, I told my mom that this is what I wanted to do.” They enrolled Hailey in training classes and discovered it was a great release for her energy. Soon, Danielle and Hailey were competing in obedience and agility, earning many titles, including the Beginner Novice and Companion Dog in Obedience.

But agility was what she liked the best. “She is a fantastic dog to run in agility. More often than not, she recovers from my handling errors and saves the run.” On Oct. 19, 2014, Hailey earned her MACH at the Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association trials. In addition, Hailey is a certified therapy dog who visits libraries and schools to work in children reading programs. “Regardless of her bad habit of lying on top of the book and falling asleep, the kids still adore Hailey,” Danielle said.

MACH African Queen MXS MJS OF CGC. Credit: Rich Knecht Photography

MACH African Queen MXS MJS OF CGC – MaryAnne Borowski – Millstone Township, NJ
Zuri came into MaryAnne’s life in Monmouth County, NJ, after being transported there from a shelter in North Carolina. “As she grew we would often take long walks on the trails.  Everyone who saw her would comment on the ease and grace of her movement as she weaved and jumped in the woods.  It was suggested to me that I enroll her in an agility class,” MaryAnne said. “I did, and that is where our journey began.” MaryAnne joined and continues to train at two clubs in Central New Jersey:  Bayshore Companion Dog Club and Jersey Agility Group. Zuri was very talented at the sport. But when they started competing, MaryAnne realized that there was much more to conquer.

“The atmosphere at trials was so terrifying for her that she would simply bark at the judge and run out of the ring. I spent a year working on her confidence before I again entered her in an event.  Little by little she became the champion that she is today.”  Zuri achieved her MACH Nov. 2, 2014, at the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club trial.

MACH Popo Yun-Mallan MXB MJS Photo credit: Phyllis Celmer

MACH Popo Yun-Mallan MXB MJS – Janet Yun – Houston, TX
Popo was found as a stray and turned into one of Houston’s shelters, where Janet rescued him on Chinese New Year’s 2007 when he was about a year old. “He is our first dog, and we knew instantly when we saw him that he was going to be our cherished little prince. Popo lounged at home for the first two years, then we decided he needed to earn his keep.”

In 2009, Popo earned the AKC CGC award and became a certified therapy dog, then started visiting children at the Ronald McDonald House. “Several years later, we heard about agility. We thought it’d be great mental stimulation for him, so when Popo was 6 years old, we signed up for an agility class. We had no thought or intention to compete, but then we got hooked.” The team started competing in 2013 and 18 months later, with Popo at almost age 9, they earned the MACH on Nov. 8, 2014, at the Austin K9 Xpress trial in Manor, TX.

MACH Karen’s Jack MXB MJB Photo credit: Geoffrey Nieder, Neider Arts Photography

MACH Karen’s Jack MXB MJB – Karen Bick – Blue Grass, IA
Karen Bick adopted Jack and his sister Jill from a shelter when they were about 3 months old. They were first introduced to agility while attending a puppy class. “I had an inkling that he was destined to do big things after watching him climb up and over a baby gate on his first night in my home,” Karen said. As soon as Jack was old enough, they started agility training and began competing in AKC trials in 2010. “We compete exclusively at the Quad City Dog Center in Davenport, IA, and on Nov. 9, 2014, at a trial hosted by Muscatine Agility Club, Jack finished his MACH at age 10. Jack’s favorite obstacle is the dog walk or any other contact and he doesn’t understand what those Border Collies get all excited about. He is graceful, slow and steady and his motivation is his signature stuffed toy hedgehog at the end of a run.”

MACH Jinx Falkenburg McLean MXB MJB. Credit: Tom Bridge, Fast Clicks Photography

MACH Jinx Falkenburg McLean MXB MJB
Jinx Falkenburg McLean was rescued as a small puppy and had obviously been feral for some amount of time, Adrienne said. “I call her a gremlin-ewok mix, and people seem to get it instantly. She's smart, but is sometimes hard to motivate. Food matters more than anything to her, followed by other dogs (she loves big dogs especially) and then me. I'm gradually rising up the chart, though, and she's become a really fine mini agility dog.” Jinx earned her MACH on Nov. 15, 2014, at the Dallas Agility Working Group trial. Adrienne said she hopes to earn another MACH on Jinx before her third birthday!

MACH Dewey MXB MJS OF T2B Credit: Springwind Photography

MACH Dewey MXB MJS OF T2B – Elise Strauss – Anchorage, AK
Dewey is a 7-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and is Elise’s first agility dog. “I got him when he was 7 weeks old, and he was a holy terror,” she said. “I had previously owned Whippets and Borzois so my husband and I thought this whirling dervish demon puppy was brain damaged; surely no normal puppy acted like that! We went out and bought every book we could find on Jack Russells and realized that he was a very healthy and — normal — Jack! Thus began my journey of finding Dewey a job to do, and lucky for us, agility was it. Thanks to Dewey I have been ‘bitten by the bug’ and dearly love this sport.” Dewey earned his MACH on Nov. 28, 2014 at the Midnight Sun Golden Retriever Club trial in Anchorage, Alaska.

MACH Shilo’s Wicked Revenge Elphaba MXB MJB Credit: Great Dane Photos

MACH Shilo’s Wicked Revenge Elphaba MXB MJB – Ann Khanna – Hortonville, WI
Elphie is a 3-year-old Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix. After noticing at 5 weeks old that Elphie was special, Ann said she reluctantly decided the puppy had to join her family. “For eight years I had been running a Golden Retriever, struggling to get his Master titles and though he loved spending the day with me, it was apparent that agility was not his forte. After seeing the skills and potential Elphie possessed, my intention was for her to get into the sport my Golden never excelled at. Once old enough to begin training, Elphie not only showed interest in agility, but succeeded way beyond my expectation,” Ann said. “As we progressed, Elphie became more confident and her speed increased rapidly. Being unaccustomed to running a fast dog, I had to change my technique and handling skills to exhibit her potential. ..We have finally come together and bonded as a team and I am so grateful to have her as a partner. She has not only revived my love for agility, but shown me how much fun you can have conquering a course with your best friend.” Elphie earned her MACH on Dec. 27, 2014 at a trial held by Doberman Pinscher Club of Greater Milwaukee.

MACH Werz’s Tallulah MXB MJS Photo credit: Lori LeBlanc

MACH Werz’s Tallulah MXB MJS – Mary Ann Werz – Iowa City, IA
Tally was found on a farm in Iowa and was fostered by Protégé Rescue.  Mary adopted her in 2010 when she was about 4 years old to be a companion to her Jack Russell Terrier.  Mary was already training her terrier in agility so started training Tally also. “She quickly caught on to the game and was running master level courses in no time in my back yard.  But she was very fearful of people and crowds and getting her to run with me at trials was very difficult.  She advanced to Excellent and then completely regressed.  I almost gave up on her but when I realized she wasn't a bad dog but rather a scared dog, we made progress and in a year attained a MACH title on Jan. 4, 2015, at the wonderful New Year's trials held by the Gateway Agility Club of Suburban St. Louis.  I am very proud of my girl and all she has overcome!”

MACH Delilah Dog MXB MJB T2B CA Photo credit: Joe Camp

MACH Delilah Dog MXB MJB T2B CA – Jennifer Rourk – Dallas, OR
Delilah is a Chihuahua mix that Jennifer says embodies the phrase "Size is no indicator of talent. She pours her whole self into everything that she does, and agility is no exception.” At trials in the Pacific Northwest, Delilah and Jennifer are recognized for their positive relationship, and Delilah's considerable speed. Even at 10 years old, Delilah is still fast and fun as ever and is looking forward to continuing to compete for the foreseeable future. 

Congratulations also to these new MACHS:

  • MACH Olszewski’s Buffy MXS MJS NAP NJP NF NFP – Sandra Olszewski – Freeland, MD
  • MACH Hunter Dobyns RE MXS MJS OF T2B CGC – Kathryn Dobyns – Staunton, VA
  • MACH Sassy RE MXB MJB MXF TQX T2B3 – Mette Bryans – Eureka, CA
  • MACH Yossa MXB MJB OF T2B CGCA – Laura Novick – Nashville, TN
  • MACH Joe Cain CDX RE MXB OAP OJP XF CGC – Justin Sims – New Athens, IL


Congratulations to these dogs for adding more Preferred Agility Championships to their names:

  • PACH4 Savannah Altrive AX OAJ MXP11 MXPC MJP14 MJPB2 PAX5 NF XFP T2BP


PACH Rylee G. RN MXPB MJP6 MJPS PAX Credit: JRVL Photography

PACH Rylee G. RN MXPB MJP6 MJPS PAX – Molly Gorecki – Green Bay, WI
Rylee earned her Preferred Agility Championship at age 14, showing that senior dogs can still perform and like to stay active. Molly says of Rylee: “What can I say about my first agility dog Rylee? She has changed by life in so many ways. Because of Rylee I'm doing this sport called agility and have met many new friends along the way. She has forgiven me many times as I didn't know what I was doing when we first started agility (bad handling and training on my part). When I made the decision to switch to AKC in 2011, I had to learn new handling skills. We also really struggled with the table and had many NQ’s due to her hesitation to get on the table. This too we finally conquered. Just say a little prayer and go down one knee and she hops right on. On Dec. 5, 2014, my 14 year old girl gave me the best Christmas gift ever. She got her PACH/PAX at Hounds for the Holidays trials hosted by Cream City Canines club.”

Congratulations also to these new PACHs:

  • MACH2 PACH Slivka’s Tori MXG MJG MXPB MJPB PAX T2B – Sandra Slivka – San Diego, CA
  • PACH Cheetah Marie Rice MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB XFP T2BP – Pamela Rice – Bloomington, IL
  • PACH Litchi PAX OFP T2BP – Elana Smith – Salt Lake City, UT


Congrats to the first two CAX3 Title-Holders: The winter brought a major achievement in the sport of AKC Coursing Ability as two dogs became the first All-American Dogs to earn the Coursing Ability Excellent 3 (CAX3) titles, meaning they have achieved the feat of passing the test 75 times. The new CAX3 title holders are best friends, and their owners are neighbors and friends.

Congratulations to Ingomar Di Mancini Torsione Pane CAX3 CGC (“Baker”), owned by Kate Renner of Washington, DC, who finished the title on Jan. 3, 2015, at a test held by the Greyhound Association of North Georgia in Pendleton, SC. Iyong Tapat Kaibigan CAX3 (“Kai”), owned by Stephanie Markgraf of Washington, DC, finished the title the next day on Jan. 4 at the same event.

Woodacre’s Soidog Mali CAX

Woodacre’s Soidog Mali CAX – Jackie Phillips – San Leandro, CA
Jackie adopted June from Soi Dog Foundation, a Thailand rescue group, in February 2012. “She is a dog meat trade survivor and was on a large flatbed truck with 350 other dogs stuffed into tiny cages, bound for Vietnam. The truck was confiscated by police at the Thailand/Mekong River border, and all the dogs were brought to a government animal compound in Northeast Thailand. A Soi Dog volunteer made the 10 hour bus ride to photograph all the dogs at the compound and then later posted them on the Soi Dog Facebook page. That is how I discovered June.” Since arriving in the US, June has excelled in a wide variety of dog sports, including lure coursing, racing, weight pull, and barn hunt. “Without a doubt, coursing is June’s favorite activity, and her pure joy in running in an open field chasing the lure is obvious even after the run, when she insists upon running the long course again,” Jackie said. June earned her CAX on Nov. 30, 2014, at the Monterey Bay Coursing Association test in Hollister, CA.


Diva NJP CAX – Debra Lajoie – Buda, TX
“The zing of the string transforms Diva from mild mannered terrier into 10 pounds of speedy courser,” Debra said. She earned her first coursing ribbon on Dec. 1, 2012, and less than two years later earned her CAX on Oct. 24, 2014, at the same club’s event -  the Afghan Hound Club of Austin(TX). At age of 10, Diva is spry and continues to compete in AKC Coursing Ability Tests, with her sights set on a CAX2.  Diva also competes in NACSW Nose Work and agility.  In her down time, Diva visits seniors at the local assisted living facility. 

Randy CAX

Randy CAX – Tammy Gustafson – Kempner, TX
Randy is a 6 year old American Fox Hound who Tammy rescued in June 2009. Tammy started working with Randy on obedience training when he was about a year old. “We started doing agility in 2010; we haven’t been to a trial as yet; we are still working on some of the obstacles. But we both have come a long ways with the sport. We started doing coursing in 2012 and found out that he really loves doing that.” Randy finished his CAX on Jan. 24, 2015, at a test hosted by the Houston Area Hound Association.

Hula Lula CAX

Hula Lula CAX – Susan Lewis – Wildomar, CA
Hula Lula is a mixed-breed that was adopted from a local shelter when she was about 3 months old. She was born at the shelter and came from a very large litter. “She is a very sweet girl but shy. I try to take her many places to help her with her shyness and taking her to coursing gets her used to being around people and dogs,” Susan said. “She loves to run and coursing is just perfect for her. Her first run she took off and never looked back.” Hula Lula finished her CAX on Jan. 17, 2015. They plan to work on another CAX and also are competing in Barn Hunt at the Open level.

Ranch Dog CAX

Ranch Dog CAX – Susan Lewis – Wildomar, CA
Ranch Dog or, RD as she is called, is a 5-year-old mixed-breed who came from a Los Angeles rescue group when she was 9 weeks old. “She had lots and lots of energy and after a daily walk of 3 miles, she would still come home and want to play Frisbee,” Susan said. “Since she has always had an issue with her hips and the best way to deal with it was to continue her exercise and keep her weight down.  I was introduced to coursing through my neighbor who shows corgis. RD took to it quickly and loves it. She gets excited when she just sees the empty field where it is held and really goes crazy when she hears the lure machine.” RD  got the CAX on Oct. 8, 2014. She also loves doing barn hunt and is working on her senior title.

Congratulations also to these new CAXs:

  • Scarlett Wynd CAX CGC – Wade Shetler & Amy Maxfield – Clearwater, FL
  • Jessie Jane Of Kingfisher OA NAJ OF CAX CGC – Wade Shetler & Amy Maxfield – Clearwater, FL


AKC Obedience Classic – The AKC Obedience Classic was held in December in Orlando, FL, and three mixed-breeds competed in the Novice division at the event. One of them placed in the top 10 finalists, finishing in eighth place.
Congratulations to  

  • Henry Head Over Heels CD BN PCD RE THD CGC - Kathryn Harvey -Apple Valley, MN

New Utility Dogs

Sweet & Sassy Cajun UD BN GN RN

Sweet & Sassy Cajun UD BN GN RN – Birgit Mantilla – Chicago, IL
Cajun was born just over 11 years ago at Birgit’s home. She was one of 10 puppies in Birgit’s first foster litter from animal control. “Even though I did all I was supposed to with Cajun (going to classes, socialization), she always had fear aggression,” she said. Cajun stayed with Birgit and seven years later, Birgit was competing with her Mastiff in breed, obedience and rally. “When he passed at a young age, I missed going to trials and decided to give Cajun a go. I started training Cajun with the hope of getting a few rally titles. My goal was not to get high scores but to build a relationship and work thru Cajun’s issues,” she said. “I was pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed her training. But being a senior and not a typical obedience breed, Cajun was not always the easiest dog to convince that obedience was truly fun.” Birgit continued training and titles kept advancing. Cajun earned her first UD leg at her first attempt with a first place. “ The tears of joy were flowing,” she said. “We did have a few NQ’s along the way but she earned her UD with 2 legs in a row, earning first place in both trials with a 191.5 at Paw Power Blues D.T.C. and 194 at the Cardunal D. T. C. trial on Jan. 31, 2015.” Cajun now enjoys retirement from obedience but enjoys being a therapy dog and the sport of barn hunt.


Clark's Logan UD BN GO RN THDX CGCA – Kathy Clark – Chino, CA
Logan is a rescue who Kathy adopted from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.  “He is the most fabulous dog I've ever had, willing to learn anything, and sweet and loving to the many patients we visit with pet therapy,” Kathy said. “We are currently having fun learning agility.” Logan completed his Therapy Dog Excellent title in November 2014
and completed his AKC Utility Dog title on Jan 4, 2015.


AKC Rally National Championship (RNC) – The 2015 RNC was held in March at Purina Farms near St. Louis, MO. There were 31 All Americans competing in the event, and two placed in the top 10 in their classes.

  • Third Place, Rally Advanced - Emerald Wolf Ava Crowder BN RA - Brenda Wendt of Iowa
  • Sixth Place, Rally Advanced Excellent - Mendendorps Hoodoo By Barribeau CD RAE NA OAJ NF CAA - Billie Mendendorp of Alabama

Most Titled AKC Rally Dog

Jim Roberts & Tater of Lakeland, FL, continue their winning ways, earning their eighth Rally Advanced Excellent title in February. Tater maintains his status as the most titled All-American Dog in AKC Rally! Bossman Sweetater Freighter RAE8 earned his eighth Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title on Feb. 14, 2015, at the Lakeland-Winter Haven Kennel Club dog show in Lakeland, FL. Eight-year-old Tater is owned by Jim & Barbara Roberts of Lakeland, FL, and is handled by Jim.

Multi-RAE Dogs

Congratulations to these dogs who recently added more RAEs to their names:

  • Stella CD RAE6 AXP AJP NFP
  • Hunters Moon Ranger BN RAE2 NA OAJ NF CGC
  • Beowolfe CD BN RAE2
  • Croft's Lil' Brown Sprout CDX BN RAE2 NA NAJ CGC

New RAEs:

Jbach’s Little Piece of Heaven CD BN RAE CGCA

Jbach's Little Piece of Heaven CD BN RAE CGCA – Justine Embach – Waterford, MI
Justine adopted Abbey from a shelter in 2007 when the pup was about 12 weeks old. “Abby loves to work and play, but also has a goofy side, which you can see in her photo. She tore her biceps tendon in 2013, which sidelined us from the obedience and rally rings for a few months, but thankfully she recovered quickly and we were able to finish our RAE. Abbey has taught me a lot about dogs and life in general and I cannot imagine my life without her by my side.” Abby achieved her RAE on Oct. 31, 2014, at the Companion Dog Training Club of Flint trial.


Phurba Tashi RAE AX OAJ RATCHX CGC – Angela Carlson – Columbia City, OR
Angela adopted Tashi in 2011 from All for Dog rescue organization in Bend, OR, as her first dog as an adult. “These past four years have been amazing as we've been in Agility, Rally, Nose work and Barn Hunt.  He's had some non-trivial health problems lately but he keeps demonstrating how much he loves working with me regardless.  He's changed me as a person, and I'll never be the same again!” Tashi earned his RAE on Jan. 15, 2015, at the Rose City Classic in Portland, OR. See Tashi’s beautiful RAE winning run here:

Tashi earns his RAE

Tennessee Diesel Smoke CD BN GN RAE CGCA

Tennessee Diesel Smoke CD BN GN RAE CGCA – Mandy Malin – Georgetown, OH
"He is my special pound puppy that I got from a shelter in Tennessee. I drove five hours just to pick him up after seeing his Petfinder photo. He's been the best dog in my life! Currently he has earned the CD, BN, GN, CGCA, and RAE titles and has one leg to go for his CDX. He found his true calling with hunting a few years ago. He had to undergo a double TTA surgery and two subsequent surgeries on his left knee for luxating patella. He was down for 8 months total. His knees are not fully recovered, but he was well enough to finish his RAE and make it out for pheasant and squirrel season last fall. I was very scared that he would never be able to walk again with all these surgeries. He's coming along on his recovery but I don't think he'll ever be back to 100%." Diesel finished his RAE at the German Shepherd Club of Greater Cincinnati trial on November 15, 2014.

Lilly of Kirschway RAE CGCA

Lilly of Kirschway RAE CGCA – Jill Hubbard – Fairdale, KY
Lilly is a rescued Great Pyrenees mix that joined Jill’s pack of two pure-bred rescued Great Pyrenees, Teddy and Pyrcie,10 years ago.  “When she came to us at about 12 weeks old, we went straight into a puppy obedience class because I believe a good dog is a happy dog,” Jill said. “She immediately took to the classroom instruction.  And, what a great socialization tool!”

From basic obedience they moved into agility and then decided to extend their basic skills through Rally “because it is fun, easy to practice at home and the competition courses are interesting to maneuver around,” Jill said. “I am so very proud of our happy, full-out wagging tail girl because she worked very hard to earn her Rally Advanced Excellent title during the Central Kentucky Herding Group Club rally trials held Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2015 at Agility Cues for You in Louisville, KY."

Our Sweet Waally Waally Wabbitt CD BN PCD RAE

Our Sweet Waally Waally Wabbitt CD BN PCD RAE – James & Barbara Roberts – Lakeland, FL
Wabbitt wondered up to Jim and Bobbi while they were working out in their yard. His eyes were covered in white matter and he was running into bushes and trees. “He was so very thirsty and hungry; we couldn’t believe the shape that he was in,” Bobbi said. “I started cleaning his eyes when he finally stopped drinking and eating. Once his eyes were cleaned out, he started hopping around just like a rabbit – and so that is how he got his name.”

The veterinarian told them that Wabbitt would have soon gone blind, if they had not rescued him and gotten medical treatment. After a few months, his eyes were perfect and he had gained weight. Since Jim and Bobbi already competed in AKC Rally with Tater, who is the top All-American Dog title holder in the sport, they started training Wabbitt in basic obedience and then soon rally. Today, Wabbitt has obtained the AKC Canine Good Citizen title as well as the AKC Obedience titles of Companion Dog and Beginner Novice. He finished the RAE on Feb. 14, 2015, at the Strawberry Dog Show Cluster in Lakeland, FL. “Wabbitt loves to go to classes, play with Tater and get treats. He loves everyone, two- or four-legged.”

Congratulations to these other new recipients of the RAE:

  • Axel CDX BN RAE – Wendy Mack – Downey, CA
  • Crystal of Sunnington Grove BN RAE NAP OJP CGC – Tonya Harmon – Centerville, OH
  • Scruffy Muffin RAE AXP AJP OFP – Mette Bryans – Eureka, CA
  • Medendorps Hoodoo by Barribeau CD RAE NA OAJ NF CAA – Billie Medendorps – Decatur, AL


First VST named – The first All-American Dog to earn the Variable Surface Tracking title has been crowned. Maddie has earned the VST, as well as the Tracking Dog (TD) and Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) titles. She is the second All-American to earn the TDU!

Maddie Dunn TD TDU VST

Maddie Dunn TD TDU VST – Charlene Dunn – Arlington, TX
Charlene found Maddie in the streets of Arlington, almost 12 years ago in November.  The vet estimated her to be about 1 ½ years old.  Despite attempts to find Maddie's real family, she ended up staying at the Dunn household.  “Maddie is best we can tell a Border Collie / Basset Hound mix, lovingly named a ‘Boss-I,’,” Charlene said.  “Maddie was afraid of everything when she first came to us.  Being owned by a Tracking/Obedience Judge, she quickly was put to work as tracking builds a dog's confidence. “ At age 12, when the AKC allowed mixed breeds to enter tracking tests, she earned her TD.  One week later, she was the second All-American to earn her TDU.  Less than six months later, she is the first All American to earn her VST.  At age 13 she is showing all those youngsters how this game works.” Shown in the picture is Maddie Dunn TD, TDU, VST with her handler/ owner Charlene Dunn, judges Nan Cochrane and Linda Baschnagel, and tracklayer Carol Cagle.