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The Norrbottenspets has been assigned the Hound Group designation.

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  • General Appearance

    The Norrbottenspets is a small, spitz-type hound of Nordic origin that uses sight, scent, and hearing to hunt forest game and then holds the game at bay and calls the hunter with high-pitched vocalizations. To navigate the rough terrain and climate of Scandinavian forests and hold large dangerous game, like moose, Norrbottenspets are extremely agile, rugged, and weatherproof with a fearless attitude, while at the same time kind and affectionate companions at fireside and home. Norrbottenspets exhibit no extremes in physical characteristics because they must do all things well. 

  • Head

    The head is strong, clean cut, and evenly tapering towards the nose when viewed from above and from the side. Sexual dimorphism should be clearly visible in the structure of the head. Expression -Norrbottenspets appear calm, keen, and attentive, with the head carried high and a fearless attitude. Eyes -The eyes are medium sized, almond-shaped, and obliquely set.  Irises are dark brown and eye rims are pigmented. Ears - The ears are high set and erect, slightly over medium size in proportion to the head, with hard leather and slightly rounded tips.

  • Body

    The neck is moderately long in proportion to the body, dry and muscular, with a slight arch and good reach. Topline - The withers are defined with the back and loin level and the croup slightly sloping. Body - The depth of the body is half the total height at withers. Chest - The chest is long, oval in shape, and of normal width, with well-developed last ribs. The forechest is well developed and well defined.  The lowest part of the ribcage is in line with the elbow or just below it and merges softly into the bellyline. Tuck up - The bellyline is only slightly tucked up. Back - The back is short, level, and springy with strong muscles. Loin - The loin is short and broad. Croup - The croup is moderately long and broad, slightly sloping, with well-developed and hard muscles.

  • Forequarters

    The forequarters are neither narrow nor broad, with legs straight and parallel, and without extremes in angulation.  Shoulder Blades - The shoulder blades are long, broad and muscular, forming well defined and developed withers. The shoulder blades are close fitting to the chest and set obliquely, with great freedom of movement.  

  • Hindquarters

    The hindquarters are without extremes in angulation and mirror the angulation of the forequarters. The hindquarters stand parallel when viewed from behind.  Upper thigh - The upper thigh is proportionately long with strong muscles and forms a right angle with the pelvis.  

  • Coat

    The Norrbottenspets is double coated. Topcoat - The topcoat is hard, short, and straight, rather close lying with different lengths: shortest on the nose bridge, the top of skull, the ears and the front of the legs; longest on the neck, the backside of the thighs and the underside of tail.  An erect coat is a serious fault.  Undercoat - The undercoat is fine and dense.

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