Anatolian Shepherd DogCare

Somewhat Active; These big guys live for long walks, romps in the yard, and something or someone to guard

Instinctively protective, the Anatolian is a calm, reserved breed around strangers, showing his loyal and loving nature only to his family. He enjoys children, but should be supervised around them in case he interprets rough play as a need to guard "his" child. Because he was bred to make independent decisions while working, owner commands may not be followed to the letter, but the Anatolian is trainable. Regular exercise and grooming is necessary.

nutrition &FEEDING

Depending on the size of your dog as an adult you are going to want to feed them a formula that will cater to their unique digestive needs through the various phases of their life. Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large and giant breeds. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a giant breed and has a lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

Feed a well balanced diet not too high in protein with a proper mineral, fat and calorie content. What you feed your dog is an individual choice, but working with your veterinarian and/or breeder will be the best way to determine frequency of meals as a puppy and the best adult diet to increase his longevity. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


Regular grooming is necessary for this large dog that can weigh up to 150 pounds. A good grooming with a short bristle brush and curry comb to loosen dead hair will help keep your dog looking his best. Anatolians ears should be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid ear infections caused by ear mites, dirt or other substances getting into the ear canal. Their nails should be trimmed regularly with a clipper or grinder to avoid overgrowth, splitting or cracking. Teeth should be brushed regularly.

coat length Short
grooming Occasional Grooming

energy &EXERCISE

Anatolians are intelligent, devoted, responsive, and adaptable. They’re also highly territorial and will protect their flock—livestock, children, even the family cat—with intensity, and ferocity when necessary. Anatolian owners must be strong leaders, both willing and able to handle a dog that is as dominating and demanding as it is bright and loving. “The working guard instinct can never be ignored,” an Anatolian breeder says. “To succeed in socialization as well as in training, the relationship and compatibility between human and dog are paramount.”

energy level Some Exercise

Anatolian Shepherd Dog &HEALTH

Pups and grown dogs love to chew. They have strong jaws and you must be sure to only give them appropriate items to chew. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) has a “Health Handbook” available which gives you information with regards to health issues for the ASD. An ethical breeder will screen his breeding stock for specific diseases, such as hip dysplasia, and freely furnish information regarding the health status of the parents of the puppies.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs may be affected by bloat, a digestive disorder of the stomach. Make sure to learn about this potentially fatal condition by educating yourself on the symptoms of bloat. Call your veterinarian immediately if you see any symptoms. Care must be taken with anesthesia since some dogs are sensitive to it.