Breeders Education


The American Kennel Club encourages the promotion of responsible breeding practices and responsible dog ownership. Educational conferences and seminars that promote these values are commended. AKC is opposed to those who irresponsibly attack and denigrate efforts to educate breeders about proper animal care and better breeding practices.

For over a century, The American Kennel Club has been dedicated to responsible dog ownership and to responsible breeding of purebred dogs.

The AKC devotes over $6 million dollars a year to the inspection of breeders that utilize the AKC registry. Such inspections include evaluation of care and conditions, as well as record keeping and identification.

Through the AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC has channeled millions of dollars into Canine Health research devoted to improving the health of dogs and to identifying genes linked to specific health problems. In addition, AKC Reunite provides microchips for pet identification and has assisted in hundreds of thousands of pet recoveries.

AKC has been at the forefront of breeder education through the sponsorship of and participation in seminars, and the distribution of education material. Responsible breeding is an AKC hallmark.