Marketplace - Effective Advertising for You and Your Puppies

The AKC Marketplace has been getting high marks from breeders that have taken advantage of the free Litter Listings that Breeders of Merit are entitled to. The ability to add photos and video has greatly enhanced the ability to attract interest from individuals looking for information and available puppies. For those that do not breed often but want to keep their breeding program visible, the Breeder Listings which are available for a one year subscription keep your kennel listed in the searches even if you have no active litter listings.

Marketplace has changed the process for requesting your free listings. You can now request your listings when you register your litter. You should be recognized as a Breeder of Merit and the system will credit the $29 fee at check out. If it does not show the credit, take the listing out of your cart as you can create the listing later directly in Marketplace. Even if you have no immediate need to use Marketplace, do this one thing so you will be able to create your listings at the time you register litters or if you want to place your first listing: log into Marketplace with your email address or social media account.

Remember, you will not appear in the BOM listing on Marketplace without an active litter listing or a subscription for a Breeder Listing. If you list a litter or have a Breeder listing, please take the time to fill out your Breeder Profile. Seekers do use the profiles to help them choose their breeders.