How AKC Registration Can Help Keep Your Puppies Healthy

We know that Breeders of Merit care about the future of their puppies. A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring each puppy goes to a loving, well-suited home. The hope is that all your efforts result in a continuation of the superior care that you gave them for the rest of their life. An integral part of that is receiving quality healthcare. Some breeders may not know, that by ensuring your puppies get registered with the AKC, you may very well be furthering their health even after they leave your kennel!

Provide Protection
How do you guarantee this added protection for your puppies? When you register a litter with the AKC, the puppies in that litter are automatically eligible to receive 30 days of pet health insurance at no cost with their AKC registration. This added benefit is supplied by AKC Pet Insurance (a trademark of PetPartners, Inc.) and provides 30 days of accident and illness coverage. The certificate covers many common conditions that can occur in the first few weeks at home with a puppy. Things like GI upset, foreign body ingestion, bone fracture, ear infection and cuts and scrapes are just a few examples of what would be eligible for coverage.

Easy to Give, Easy to Get
Obtaining this benefit is easy for you and your puppy buyers. Soon after you register a litter, you will receive an email from AKC Pet Insurance alerting you that your certificate forms are available to download. The email will prompt you to go to your AKC Pet Insurance Breeder Portal where you can email or print the certificate forms for your puppy buyers. In order to use the insurance, the certificate must be activated. Once the puppy is registered with the AKC, the puppy buyer can activate the certificate online or by calling AKC Pet Insurance. Puppy buyers have 28 days from the date of registration to activate the certificate, and the certificate will automatically expire 30 days after activation. No credit card or commitment is required for activation. 

Mutually Beneficial
Breeders of Merit take pride in knowing all their puppies are registered with the AKC. By providing your puppy buyers with the added benefit of pet insurance, not only are you showing them just how valuable it is to register with the AKC, you are also helping your puppies get a safe start in their new forever homes. 

Committed to Quality
AKC Pet Insurance further recognizes Breeders of Merit’s commitment to their puppies by extending additional benefits to your puppy buyers. Not only do your puppy buyers get a quality, well-bred puppy, they also get a 10% discount when they enroll in a full-term policy. This continued protection can help ensure your puppies receive the quality healthcare they deserve for years to come.

What Next?
In order to secure a safe start for your next litter, all you have to do is: One, encourage your puppy buyers to register with the AKC; and two, remind them to activate their AKC Pet Insurance 30-Day Certificate. For more information on the AKC Pet Insurance 30-Day Certificate and other breeder benefits, visit From there, you can contact the Breeder Support Specialist who can answer all your questions and provide you with additional information. To learn more about the importance of pet healthcare coverage for your puppies and how the AKC Pet Insurance Breeder Support Program is assisting with that, check out The Hidden Benefits of Pet Insurance for Breeders which appeared in the May issue of the AKC Breeder Newsletter.