You Won’t Believe How This Dog is Working to Save the Planet

Paris, a 9 1/2-year-old British Boxer, has taken it upon herself to keep the streets of her hometown—Bodmin, Cornwall—a trash-free zone.

Owner Fran Hodges told SWNS TV that when they are out on walks, Paris picks up cans, bottles, wood blocks, plastic cups, or any other item she can find, and carries it until they reach a recycling station. Then, she drops the item and waits, impatiently, for Hodges to do her part, which is to place Paris's prize into the bin.

Hodges calls her pet a "recycling machine." She has set up the Paris Wombling Facebook page, where the dog's environmentalist fans can follow her crusade: "One dog against the litterbugs."


Wombling is a reference to fictional characters created by Elisabeth Beresford. The Wombles are fuzzy creatures who live in burrows and are committed to "making good use of bad rubbish."


Five years ago, another British dog, Lucky, made headlines for his street-cleaning skills. But there was one big difference between him and Paris. Lucky, a Doberman Pinscher-mix, was trained to pick up trash.

Hodges insists that Paris learned this "peculiar task" all by herself, without a single lesson. She started doing it when she was a puppy and never stopped.

"She just won't walk past a piece of litter without attempting to pick it up and take it with her for the rest of the journey," Hodges says.

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