Westminster Flashback: That Big Dog Show in the Sky

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”: For old-timers, this is the time of year when ghosts roam the rings. Those friendly spirits of times past who built our sport’s legacy are with us always, but a little more so in February. Here’s a gallery of once-familiar faces who defined Westminster and other premier shows of the sport’s golden age.

Rainbow Bridge Kennel Club Show and Obedience Trial Judges Panel

Top row: Bea Godsol, Anna Katherine Nicholas, Mel Downing.

Second row: Harry T. Peters (hat, bowtie), Blanche Saunders, Tom and Kay Gately.

Third row: Louis Murr (glasses, far left), A.J. Schoendorf (hat, carnation), Percy Roberts, Frank Porter Miller, Delphine McEntire, Henry Stoecker.

Bottom row: Alva Rosenberg, Langdon Skarda, Bill Kendrick, Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge.

Not pictured: thousands of others.

(illustration ©Bud Boccone)

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