Watch A Day In The Life Of Hank The Therapy Dog

Hank is an Old English Sheepdog with a special mission. He's a therapy dog that spends his days visiting the Seattle Children's Hospital, bringing support and smiles for kids who need it most. Recently, the hospital shared "A day in the life of Hank" where using a GoPro, they showed Hank's day as a therapy dog, from his point of view. Watch the video below.


As you can see from the video, Hank brings joy to all he encounters. His calm demeanor, fluffy fur, and shining smile make him a welcome sight for hospital patients. “The fuzzy feeling Hank provides reaches far beyond the surface of these kids’ hands,” said his owner, Tom Whalen. “We are able to give them a new focus aside from what they are currently feeling. It’s amazing to see the positive shift in energy for both the patient and their family after Hank walks in.”



Whalen and Hank visit the hospital twice a month, seeing as many patients as he can. They have been working with Seattle Children's for two years. Learn more about Hank and the support he brings to the Children's Hospital below.




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