Watch Dramatic Rescue of Dog Stranded In Ice For 5 Days

An escaped family dog survived four days stuck on a partially frozen reservoir, and thanks to the efforts of the local sheriff’s department, she is now back home.

The owner, Charelle Meriweather of Utah, told Fox13 she believes someone intentionally let her dog, named Sadie, out of the yard. The next day, Sadie was spotted on the iced-over Deer Creek Reservoir. Meriweather’s brother attempted to capture Sadie from a canoe but was unsuccessful. By then, time was of the essence—the ice was quickly melting. “Watching [him] on the ice, I started tearing up because I was thinking either he's going to go through the ice and die or I'm going to lose my dog,” Meriweather told Fox 13.

She contacted the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, and responders tried to capture Sadie using a canoe, but were also unsuccessful. “When a dog is in an unfamiliar situation like this it can be very difficult to ‘capture’ it,” the Utah County Sheriff's Office, who later assisted in the rescue, explained on Facebook. “In these kinds of circumstances a dog will often run from even the owners with whom it is most familiar.”

The responders reached out to the Utah County Sheriff's Office, who was able to use an air boat to rescue Sadie. During the rescue, Sadie tried to run away as she had the previous days, but she fell through the thin ice into the water. The responder, Toby Norton, reached her just in time and pulled her aboard.

“These boats are incredibly valuable tools, but they are big and loud," the Utah County Sheriff's Office said. "And certainly that was part of the reason the dog was running from SAR members. So it wasn't until the dog broke through the ice and could no longer run away that the SAR volunteers were able to pull it into the air boat.”



Come back puppy!

Posted by Utah County Sheriff's Office on Friday, March 4, 2016


Sadie is now at home with Meriweather and although she’s reportedly more “somber,” she’s doing well.

The dramatic rescue was caught on camera:



Dog Rescue at Deer Creek Reservoir

The Utah County Sheriff's Office was asked to assist DNR in Wasatch County in rescuing a Dog on Deer Creek Reservoir that had been stuck on the ice since Monday (5 days). Hats off to volunteer Toby Norton for making the perfect grab. We love our volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue! (and our Air Boat ha ha) Dog is doing great!!! Please visit our Facebook page for more video and photos.

Posted by Utah County Sheriff's Office on Friday, March 4, 2016





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