“Walk with Walnut” Draws Hundreds of People to Celebrate this Whippet’s Life

Walnut the Whippet shared his last walk on his favorite beach with hundreds of people. The 18-year-old dog had recently suffered a decline in health, becoming too frail to stand and needing help eating, and his owner, Mark Woods, had made the difficult to decision to put him to sleep.

But before Walnut crossed the rainbow bridge, Woods wanted to take him on a walk on his favorite beach in Cornwall, England. Woods invited fellow dog owners and dog lovers to join them on their walk.

He was astounded when hundreds of people showed up in support. Woods' post had gone viral, and not only did hundreds of people show up at the beach, but thousands more offered their support on Facebook from all over the world.

Local U.K. news station Pirate FM shared heartwarming video of the event.

After his last walk, Walnut passed away peacefully on Saturday. Woods shared this post on Facebook.

What a beautiful show of support from the dog-community. Rest in peace, Walnut.



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