Video of Miracle Dog Rescue in Colombia Mudslide

On Monday in northern Colombia heavy rains caused a muddy landslide, destroyed homes, property and bridges and killed more than 80 people. It is the worst natural disaster to strike the country in more than 15 years. In this terrible catastrophe, entire families have been lost and children orphaned but within the chaos one dog got lucky.

Colombian officers jumped in to the flooding Liborian river to save the drowning dog and the entire thing was recorded on camera, and later released on Youtube. You can see the officers running along the riverbank as the dog is struggling to keep its head above water. One of the police officers jumps in to the river and manages to pull the dog to safety. But it appears it is too late, that the dog has swallowed too much water and drowned.

The quick thinking officers start CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the dog. The dog quickly comes to and starts to breathe. The dog had been injured by rocks and debris in the water but is expected to make a full recovery.

We salute these officers and all other first responders who have been working selflessly to search for survivors and who managed to save this canine.