Vet Saves Woman Who Has Heart Attack When Putting Dog Down

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience—quite literally for one British woman.

Last month, 30-year-old Lizzie Bevis brought her mother’s 7-year-old dog, Daisy, to Quarrington Veterinary Surgery, where it became apparent they would have to put the dog to sleep. When the veterinarian, Matthew Fry, shaved the dog’s leg in preparation for the euthanasia, Bevis began to feel faint. After the injection was given to Daisy, Bevis’s breathing became strained, and she collapsed.

Fry used what he knew of CPR from his veterinary training on Bevis while a veterinary technician dialed 9-9-9 (the UK equivalent of 9-1-1). Paramedics rushed Bevis to the hospital, where, The Daily Mirror, reported she was in a medically induced coma for two days. She was later diagnosed with a rare heart condition that causes irregular heart beats during times of stress.

As for Bevis, who says she was clinically dead for four minutes, she doesn’t recall a thing.

“I don’t remember anything, unfortunately, from the day or before the day,” she says in the video below. “All I know is that I brought Daisy into the vet with my mother and my sister and I collapsed and had a really bad heart attack.”

She acknowledges that Fry and the first responders saved her life.

“Not only am I grateful for Mr. Fry’s help at the vets and his colleagues and for doing CPR on me, I’m also very grateful for the first responders and the paramedics who came to the scene so quickly.”

See her interview here:

If you’re facing the loss of a pet, the AKC recommends the following:

  • Grief should be expressed freely so the healing process can begin.
  • Other pets in the house may also react to the loss of their companion. Give them extra attention during this time.
  • Realize that it may take time before you are ready to bring a new dog into your home. If you feel that you might not be ready for a new dog but want to spend time with animals, consider volunteering with a local kennel club, rescue group or animal shelter. Consider a donation to a dog-related charity in honor of your dog.
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