Vet Overcome With Emotion When Dogs Are Returned to Him After Heart Attack

A Vietnam veteran in Delaware had his heart broken twice this year.

The first time was several months ago when he suffered a massive heart attack that nearly took his life. The second was when his beloved dogs, Baily and Blaze, were picked up by animal control and later surrendered to First State Animal Center and SPCA for rehoming while he was recovering. (The organization claims that animal control held the dogs for 20 days—15 longer than their usual “safe-keeping hold” time before turning them over to FSAC’s PetSmart location.)

The man, whose name has not been released, was struggling financially and became homeless for a short time, but he frequently called FSAC asking about his dogs and vowing to get them back eventually. Meanwhile, the staff was hard at work trying to find a way to help him. Melissa Eagle, who works for the organization, set up a GoFundMe account to raise the amount of the fee, which FSAC’s office manager also reduced by about half.

Donations rolled in, covering the cost of releasing the dogs as well as supplies and gift cards. As of this writing, the account has raised almost $4,000.

After the man found a place to stay, he visited the store to put a deposit down. Instead, staff handed him back his money and he was given the good news that he’s able to bring Baily and Blaze home.

“This man is a veteran from Vietnam, a man who lost everything—his health, dogs, and home—and who is rebuilding his life and was given a Christmas gift from many caring people he had never met,” the GoFundMe page reads.

See the tearful reunion here:




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