Two Dogs Played A Role In Saving Soldier Who Survived Deadly Avalanche

A soldier trapped under ice for five days was found alive thanks to the help of two search-and-rescue dogs.

On Feb. 3, an 800-foot-by-400-foot piece of ice fell onto an army base on the Siachen Glacier in the Himalaya Mountains. At 19,500 feet, the base is the highest battlefield in the world.

More than 150 soldiers worked around the clock in below-freezing temperatures to chip away the ice covering 10 soldiers. At 25-to-30-feet deep, it’s harder than cement, one source says.

Two search-and-rescue dogs, Dot and Misha, did their part, too, sniffing for survivors or, more likely, remains.

On Monday, Feb. 8, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad was found still breathing. He was hypothermic, dehydrated, hypoxic, hypoglycemic, and in shock. But alive. He was treated and is recovering in Army and Research Hospital in New Delhi. The nine bodies of the other soldiers were recovered as well.

"The dogs, Dot and Misha, did a tremendous job," the officials said.

See more on how dogs are trained to save lives during avalanches in this video:

Top photo: Thinkstock

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