This Golden Retriever Is Making A Difference In The Lives of Sexual Assault Victims

Meet Lily. She's a seven-year-old Golden Retriever who recently became the first certified therapy dog working in sexual assault victims services in Connecticut.


Lily visits the Rape Crisis Center of Milford and meets with clients for two-hour periods, CBS News reports. Through Lily's adorable smile and calm and affectionate demeanor, her goal is to help victims feel more comfortable and aid in their healing process.


"Her role is a therapy dog, so a therapy dog is supposed to bring comfort and love and be available for hugs and to comfort somebody who might benefit,” Lily's owner, Peggy Pisano told WFSB.

Pisano is not only Lily's owner, but also the Director of Victim Services at the Crisis Center and it was her idea that led to Lily's training and therapy dog position. Pisano noticed the way her dog interacted with kids at a soccer game and realized the benefit Lily could have for victims visiting the center.

"She loves to be touched and held and talked to; that’s what she does on a regular basis, and that’s how it translates in her therapy," she said.

Lily has already worked with a number of different individuals at the center and Pisano knows that number will only grow. She is encouraging other centers to consider getting a therapy dog, or even simply letting Lily pay them a visit.

The center is also hoping to help police departments by having Lily accompany child-victims during questioning or testifying in court.

A big job, but it seems like Lily is just the right dog to make a difference.

See Lily in her therapy dog role in the video below.



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