Therapy Dogs Help Students De-Stress During Finals Week

As college students across the country are preparing for finals, many universities are calling on the skills of therapy dogs to help the students calm their nerves during the stressful weeks at the end of the semester.

"From the moment the students see the dogs, it's almost like their stress just melts away and they relax," Erin MacDougall, staff psychologist at McDaniel College, told ABC2 News Baltimore. See the dogs' calming effect at McDaniel:



McDaniel College in Maryland is just one of the many schools that has brought in therapy dogs to help relieve students of the stress during finals week. Iowa State University brought in a Golden Retriever therapy dog, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside hosted a dozen therapy dogs in their library, and University of Southern Indiana's counseling center brought in a couple of therapy dogs specifically for finals week.

See the dogs interact with University of Southern Indiana students, via 14 News:


Tri-State News, Weather

There's a great demand for the work that therapy dogs do, especially in high-stress environments like colleges and universities. However, it is important to know that they are not service dogs. To learn more about the work therapy dogs do and the AKC Therapy Dog Program, click here.

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