Therapy Dog Miraculously Survives Being Shot in Head During Burglary

A therapy dog who was shot in the head by a home intruder is on the mend after a harrowing few weeks.

Kansas news station KSHB has been following the story of Meeko, a therapy dog who on Oct. 6 was found by his 17-year-old owner in the family’s home bleeding, vomiting, and struggling to breathe. The teen, Jack Kirwan, also noticed the house had been ransacked and that several items, including a television set, were missing from the home. He immediately called his parents, Chris and Tina, and the family rushed Meeko, who is well-known as “the sweetheart of the neighborhood,” to the veterinarian.

The veterinarian believes, according to KSHB, that Meeko peeked out of the laundry room while the intruder was in the home and startled him. The veterinary team was able to determine that Meeko was not barking or trying to bite when he was shot. He underwent surgery and was given stitches. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t strike any major organs or arteries.

Meeko was since released and is doing well at home. The community has pitched in as well, sending gifts like blankets and treats to the Golden Retriever mix. An anonymous person also paid a portion of his veterinary bill.

Meanwhile, the family is trying to use the incident as a way to help other people benefit from having a dog as caring as Meeko. They ask that people who want to support him make a donation to help a young autistic girl named Maddie get a therapy dog. Click here for details.

On Oct. 13, police arrested Matthew Oden and charged him with burglary, theft, and felony cruelty to animals, an updated story reported.

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