The Drool on the [Capitol] Hill

The famous saying goes, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” The origin of this quote, often incorrectly attributed to Harry S. Truman, is unknown. But its sentiment rings true. With the two parties more at odds at each other this year than in recent history, there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on: A love for their canine companions.

Ailsa Chang, NPR’s congressional correspondent, recently highlighted the dog-friendly environment on Capitol Hill in an article that featured the pets of current members of Congress, who often bring their dogs to work. “You may not know this — but the U.S. Capitol is the most dog-friendly workplace you will ever find,” she writes. (Read her full article here.)

For the past two years, the Independent Journal Review has compiled a list of year’s Cutest Dogs on Capitol Hill. This year’s winners included:

Carmen, a two-year-old wirehaired Dachshund owned by Robbie Myers, digital director of the Senate Republican Conference:


A photo posted by Robbie Myers (@robbiemyers) on

Issa, a Cocker Spaniel owned by California Representative Darrell Issa:


A photo posted by Darrell Issa (@darrellissa) on

Cowboy, a Bichon Frise owned by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton:

"I think the amount of love and trust on Capitol Hill is often in short supply, and having more dogs here would probably make this place work better and maybe in a more bipartisan manner," Illinois Representative Bill Foster told Chang. Foster's Alaskan Klee Kai Shadow is often at the office, Chang noted.

Of course, this love for animals extends to the White House where generations of U.S. Presidents have raised dogs of their own. See photos of 14 Presidents and their pups here.

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