He Was About to Take His Own Life—But Then His Dog Did Something Extraordinary

At 23, Byron Taylor hit a major rough patch. After a romantic relationship ended, Taylor was facing financial difficulties and fell into a deep depression, he told The Daily Mail (scroll down for video)

He found some rope and made a noose. He wrote a "goodbye" letter. He was just about ready to end it all. But when he reached for the noose, his devoted dog Geo was stubbornly holding it in his mouth. The six-year-old dog, who Taylor says is usually very passive, refused to let go of the noose, and growled at Taylor as he tried to take it from him. A friend overheard the argument and came upstairs. When he realized what Taylor was planning to do, he called for an ambulance.

Now, that dog who was determined to save his owner’s life is himself facing death. He was recently diagnosed with an aggressive tumor on his head. He has only weeks—possibly days—left to live.

Taylor set up a GoFundMe account to cover Geo’s veterinary expenses, which includes three surgeries, and to donate to animal charities. He also set up a walk and “fun day” in Geo’s honor (with a bouncy castle, music, raffles, and food) on September 5.

He’ll do anything to help the dog who once saved his life—and others like him.

“If Geo wasn’t there [then], I wouldn’t be here right now,” Taylor said.

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