Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club Raises Funds for Police K-9 Vests

The Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club (SICDTC) held two AKC Rally Trials on March 14th to benefit Vested Interest in K9s, Inc., an organization that supplies bullet-proof and stab-proof vests to police dogs. One-hundred percent of the entry fees were donated, with the club absorbing all the other costs for the trials. In the end, SICDTC raised $4,750, which will fund five vests. 

"We were hoping to raise enough for two bullet-and-stab-proof vests, but the fact that we raised enough for five vests is a testament to the generosity of our club members and the AKC community," said SICDTC member Kelly Hagstrand. "Five law enforcement dogs will be protected. Last year, 20 dogs lost their lives doing their jobs. The fact that we are protecting five dogs is just awesome!"