Spotlighting AKC Clubs: The Tortoise and Hare Lure Coursers

The Tortoise & Hare Lure Coursers (THLC) is one of three clubs that make up the Hanover Lure Coursing Clubs. The others are the Mason Dixon Ibizan Hound Club (MDIHC) and the Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club (ICBSC).

With a name like the Tortoise & Hare Lure Coursers, it’s easy to imagine that this group knows how to put on a lively event. Another reason may be that back in 1977, an earlier iteration of the group held a “trial and a crab feast and a wet t-shirt contest,” according to the HLCC’s website.

The trial is still held the third weekend of every July, but the crab feast and wet t-shirt contest have gone the way of the CB radio and polyester bell bottoms.

The THLC itself was founded in1979, and this weekend the club will hold an outdoor lure coursing ( trail and test at Hanover Shoe Farm in Littletown, PA.

A wide range of breeds are eligible to participate in lure coursing trials. In addition to the usual roster of elegant Afghans, soulful Scottish Deerhounds, graceful Greyhounds, and sleek Salukis (and Basenji, Borzoi, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Sloughi, and Whippets), club members and spectators may also witness the thrill of the chase of Azawakh, Cirneco dell’Etna, Norrbottenspets, Thai Ridgebacks, Portuguese Podengo, and Peruvian Inca Orchids.

Don’t miss it this weekend:

Tortoise and Hare Lure Coursers Club

Lure coursing trial and test

Sat.–Sun. June 20–21


Hanover Shoe Farm
950 Sells Station Rd.
Littlestown, PA

More details can be found on the AKC Events Calendar.

-Erika Mansourian