After Being Spooked by Fireworks, Dog Takes Off Across River

A wedding celebration over Labor Day weekend led to a big journey for a small dog. Mojo, a Yorkshire Terrier­–Maltese mix, was staying with his owner’s aunt, Patti Farley-Spilman, in Gouverneur, New York, when fireworks celebrating the couple went off and scared him. While the caretakers searched desperately for the little dog, he was well on his way out of dodge—swimming downstream in the nearby Saint Lawrence River to Heart Island, about a quarter of a mile away.

The next day, the staff of Boldt Castle, located on the island, found the little dog and posted a photo of him on Facebook. The photo quickly made it back to the Farley-Spilmans, and Patti’s husband drove to the island to pick him up.

According to the Watertown Daily News, Mojo had never gone for a swim and had little experience with water in general.

“He’s a lucky dude,” Mr. Farley-Spilman said, adding that he has “retired from dogsitting forever.”

Note: Fireworks can be extremely terrifying for pets and is frequently the cause of pets going missing from their homes, which is why many animals get lost around holidays like Independence Day and New Years Eve.

Here are tips on helping your dog cope with his fear of fireworks.

And remember to make sure your pet is microchipped to increase the odds he’ll be returned to you if he gets lost.