Watch Out Red Baron: Snoopy’s Now a Pilot

Snoopy has finally been rewarded for his doghouse-flying skills. Delta Air Lines has named the cartoon Beagle an honorary pilot in anticipation of “The Peanuts Movie,” which opens November 6. (See Snoopy taking flight to defeat the Red Baron in It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.)

The film’s writer and producer, Craig Schulz, who is also the son of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, attended Snoopy’s induction ceremony last week, Delta reported.

Like Snoopy, both Schulz men had a passion for aviation.

“I flew my dad for almost 20 years. He would say, 'I’ll go anywhere, as long as I’m home by lunch,'” Schulz says.

He also reported that fans can expect to see Snoopy spreading his wings in the upcoming film.

“The movie includes phenomenal flying scenes," he says. "In fact, I took the animators up in my biplane to show them what flying was like in that type of aircraft, including upside down."

The AKC honored Snoopy in 1979 when he was given an honorary registration number: beagle-1.

Read a feature about The Peanuts Movie in AKC Family Dog’s November/December issue.

See the trailer below:

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