Sno-King Agility Club Celebrates two decades of Jumping, Tunneling, Weaving, and Teetering

This weekend (May 1–3), the Sno-King Agility Club is holding its semi-annual agility trial, in Auburn, Washington. But this year they’re celebrating more than just the skills and athleticism of their canine competitors. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the club's founding.

The trial is being held on the beautiful grounds of the Argus Ranch Facility for Dogs, in Auburn.

On Sno-King’s website, co-founder Jo Ann Mather explains that the club was the brainchild of herself and Kay Jackson, who were both tired of driving more than an hour to get to their respective practice facilities. Pooling their resources, they purchased contact equipment and a tunnel, and then spent countless hours building PVC jumps and weave poles. A friend knew of a stable that might be for rent in the Snohomish area. They signed the agreement and classes began in the fall of 1994. Soon the club had a core group of enthusiastic students and dog lovers.

Sno-King Agility Club is proud to welcome all pedigreed and mixed-breed dogs. They offer classes, seminars, and practices, and they host two AKC trials each year, in May and November. As a service to the sport, the club holds classes and workshops for first-timers. The club is innovative and positive in their approach to training and trial organization, and they encourage anyone who lives in the area to attend their events. And this weekend promises to be especially 

What is Agility?

Agility is designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with his handler in a variety of situations, agility is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training, and teamwork. Dogs and handlers must negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock. Agility is a great form of exercise for both dog and handler, and a fun way to bond. And you don't have to compete to enjoy agility. Taking an agility class offers many other benefits. But many people start the sport just for fun, only to get bitten by the agility bug and become lifelong competitors!

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