Service Dog Named High School Baseball Team Mascot

A high school baseball team in Carlsbad, California has named a service dog their unofficial team mascot. The dog, a Labrador Retriever named Brady, is a service dog for the team's student manager, Caleb Stranchan.

Caleb is a junior at Sage Creek High School and was diagnosed with autism at a young age. He had trouble making friends and feeling comfortable at school until he began working with a service dog named Duke.

Duke, also a Lab, was a continuous supporting force on the baseball team until his recent passing. To honor Duke and welcome Caleb's new service dog, Brady, to the team, the students held a ceremony earlier this week.

They also commemorated their friend and teammate, Duke, with a plaque that called him, "The Dugout Guard Dog."

While the change has been hard for Caleb Stranchan, Brady has quickly become a pressure reliever for the baseball team.

"Brady is Duke's successor. He’s already helping,” Stranchan said. “I wanted Duke to live forever, but I’m feeling a little better," he told Fox 5.

See the story of Brady, Caleb, and the Sage Creek baseball team in the video below:

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