​See Two Support Dogs Bring Comfort, Happiness To Children In A Hospital

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center recently introduced two purpose-bred Golden Retrievers as part of their Animal Assisted Therapy Program to provide physical and emotional support to patients.

Drummer and Leica
The Golden Retrievers, Drummer (left) and Leica (right).
Photo: Cincinnati Children's

The Golden Retrievers, Drummer and Leica, were specially bred and trained to work as therapy dogs in a hospital setting, according to a press release from Cincinnati Children's. The hospital received the dogs from Canine Assistants in Dalton, Georgia.

The dogs were brought into the hospital earlier this month and have already had a positive impact on patients.

Cincy Childrens Golden
Photo: Cincinnati Children's

“She was out of it, not happy, and in a lot of pain,” said Leanne Biondo of her daughter Gia, who was inpatient at Cincinnati Children’s for five months, according to the press release. “A few minutes later, Drummer came in and her eyes lit up when he jumped on the bed. Suddenly, that pain was forgotten about. Gia is like a whole new person when Drummer walks in.”

cincy children's golden child
Photo: Cincinnati Children's.

See Drummer and Leica at work:




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