Russia Introduces New Body Armor for Working Dogs

The safety of dogs working in police and military roles has become a hot topic over the past several months following the death of Diesel, a French K9 killed during a raid related to the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris last year.

Likewise, here at home, a former Navy SEAL made the news after his organization that provides bulletproof vests to police dogs received a hefty donation from Anderson Cooper. The donation was inspired by the death of K9 Krijger, who was killed by gunfire when he and his partner responded to a domestic assault complaint in Virginia. Krijger likely would have survived the attack had he been wearing protective gear, reports say.

In response to Diesel’s death, Russian defense company Scientific Production Association of Special Materials debuted a new high-tech two-part body armor set designed specially for dogs. The “Nord body armor” covers the chest and neck of the dog and can be expanded to cover the head and legs if necessary. The armor can protect against stabbing, bullets, and explosive fragments, the company says.

Dog handler Vladimir Khitrykh demonstrated the vest in a video released in November. He explained that it took some time to get the dog used to wearing the gear, but with incentives and training, she accepted the vest.

Russia also donated a puppy named Dobrynia to the French police following Diesel’s death, and a Texas non-profit, K9s4Cops, will be donating a fully trained police dog as well.

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