Roofers Bash Down Door of Burning Mobile Home to Save Three Dogs

Rick Astudillo stepped out of his mobile home for just about a half hour to get a haircut. In that instant, he lost almost everything to a sudden fire. But thanks to the brave actions of three roofers, Astudillo’s dogs were spared.

On the afternoon of Monday, January 18, Astudillo’s mobile home in Oakland Park, Florida, burst into flames, possibly caused by a toaster oven, WSVN reported.

Three roofers working nearby rushed over to the scene and were told by neighbors that there were dogs inside the home.

“They were barking. They were scared,” said Edward Romero, one of the roofers to respond.

Romero’s co-worker Hector Marrero used his tools to break open the door, and the men were able to remove the dogs after calling 911 for backup.

Astudillo is grateful for the Good Samaritans, telling WSVN that although he lost his home, it would have been a lot worse had his dogs not survived. “They’re my family, I love them,” he said. “They’re all I have.”

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